Monday, 27 March 2017

Limitless FREE natural gas

We track the undersea coal reserves. We locate an off shore reserve – maybe in the North East.
We drill down, and send down a plug of high explosive, Then we start getting natural gas up.
1 C+3H2O+TU+E+P+T->CH4+He+3O+X-ray
So the geothermal water peculate throguh the coal deposits – and give us methane. This si the source of all Fossil Fuels in the world – as the methane polymerises, in the presence of Pt.

We are not interested – gas has high value as a fuel. As at 1 atmosphere. Methane combines with oxygen.  Gas prices should fall by 25% - we are beig taken for a ride.
2 CH4+2O2->CO2+2H2O+E+L
So we can turn underground coal into methane – for far less that the cost of miningn coal. Nature provides the water for us.

Free Power

16 Oct 2012
by Mike Scantlebury and Jonathan Thomason
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So we get basically free natural gas, and donb't need to burn oil. There is no shortage of underground coal deposits.

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