Friday, 10 March 2017

Increase life on Earth

We cool the hot lands, and warm the cold ones. For what is now hot desert, we dredge soil from the sea beds, wash it in estuary water, and scatter crass seeds over the soil mats.
As these grow, we go back and add tree seedlings in soil balls. We can also turn the soil, to expose soil – and we must erect frequent wind breaks, to stop the soil bing blown away.
To cool the air, we use 18th century science: we pressurise nitrogen gas, and it gets hot. We lose the heat to the sea. In a large Titanium plated helix. We extrude the helix from aluminium.
Then as we vent the gas, it gets very cold! -20oC. We cool the air, as it passes down a double helical heat exchanger. This will create a massive down draft – which will turn a turbine. Which supplies all the power for the process: we start off at night, using off peak power.
So as the air cools, water condenses, we collect and pump to high storage. And feed irrigation system, over our grass beds.
We harvest the grass every couple of months, and feed it to penned animals. We collect their droppings, and use them to fertilise the grass.
So we are sucking CO2 from the air – but nature today limits free average global CO2 at 2 parts per million. Higher numbers have been published by stooges to under insured nuclear power: they require 100 billion for every power plant.
Making nuclear power 2.45 per kW hours – against 8p for burning oil or gas. Already very over expensive. Look up my posts on Molecular Nuclear Fusion for how to produce carbon 0, free power.
So we turn the equator back into a lush area – as it was before the little ice-age, and man's mismanagement of agriculture.
For Scotland, we reverse the heat flow – sucking heat out of the sea, and putting it in the air. The Earth is so huge, it will not even notice. So we increase farm yields, to above those for Kent.

Scotland NEEDS England, to implement this scheme. Without Scotland, we warm Yorkshire. This idea was devised at Sheffield University 2001 – and never used, because nuclear power bought off any idea undermining Global Warming – which had ended 1995.

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