Sunday, 19 March 2017

Hugh Jones are keeping me out of life

Hugh Jones Solicitors got involved in my life as I was leaving the court of protection, after I had survived a bad car accident.
I was doing a PhD at Sheffield, meeting new people, and I would soon meet a new wife.
He got my PhD ended for no reason – against the statute which allows Sheffield to award degrees. He used a car as a bat to get me back to Manchester,
He gave me nothing to do. So when my old girlfriend died, I had no way to find a new one. He persuaded my parents this was for my good – and drew a salary to manage my affairs – they I did not need this.
Then last week I met 2 new girls. Suddenly some social workers appeared – and scared the girls off. Though I had never seem them before, and my accident was 28 years ago.
My basic human rights are being violated by a firm of solicitors – and they did this, under the nose of the court of protection. They are acting illegally.
I had Cambridge University interested in me 6 months ago. They had the money to fund a PhD – but Hugh Jones scared them off.

They took the car off me, to ensure I did not meet new people.

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