Sunday, 5 March 2017

Home power that PAYS you

Thanks to Dr Z, who suggested this idea in February 2001 – but I was busy with Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Google it! I have published loads.
A 50x1cm tube filled with H gas, and sparked to a plasma at 2 atmospheres is our own strip of neutron star – the universe's free almost infinite power source. Carbon 0, non-toxic power. That does not use a Fossil Fuels burn.Energy released from each H atom=1.5042677x1012 from a mass of  1.6737236x10-27g.  1g of hydrogen releases 1.5MMMW of heat. A 1m row of oil burners only 45kW, So water is 300 ,000,000 times as power dense.
We use electrolysis to fill a 4cm H store tube – which has a weight, pressurising the gas to 2 atmospheres. Either we turn a crank handle for just 10 minutes, and produce enough gas to last 1,000 years – or we buy a cylinder of H gas.

Hydrogen Cylinders - For Fuel Cell Cars and More‎

We fill our 50x1cm cylinder to 2 just atmospheres. And borrow the electronics from a fluorescent light. We spark up the plasma, and get 2.4MW: or we see to have when we tried it.
The 5L of water flash boiled into the fume cabinet, and the tube melted. Plasma collapsed. And we all we on to other, less dangerous work.
So we calculated the heat, didn't believe it, and moved on. We enclose the 20L water chamber, and in 2 minutes we have steam at 8 atmospheres at 3.000oC: this is the temperature a steam plasma gets to in a steam engine boiler.
We draw in air, and pass the gas up a commercially available thermoelectric, mains generator .Ingersoll-Rand Energy Systems IR Power Works 70-kW Microturbine ...
I have no links with Ingersoll-Rand. Do your own Google search.

TEG Thermoelectric Power Generators For Sale - Thermoelectric ...
12 Sep 2016 - Standard TEG Generator Products for Sale. TEG 12 VDC-24 AIR. TEG12VDC-24 30W AIR Max 30 Watt Output Cost $429.00. View PDF.
So under $500 and you get 680kW of power. You want 8kW. But the national grid will pay you 200,000 UK pounds for your excess power. The plant cost you 800 UK pounds to build – and you get an annual income of 200,000. Now that is pay back.

No life enhancing CO2 – it stimulates plant growth. Which lim its free average CO2 at 2 parts per million – it pre-industrial level.
And no uranium fission. No hyper tioxic, radioactive waste. Every 100MW nuclear power plant needs an impossible 100 billion of insurance. So they just bribed their regulators – massive corporate crime.

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