Thursday, 23 March 2017

HIV, cancers, heart disease, diabetes & Ebola cured

Through my PhD time at Sheffield 2000, I re-engaged with ultrasound causing nuclear fusion
1 H2O+US->He+O+X-ray+E2
I wrote up, this might be a useful way to control cancer growth – as the process rises exponentially with cell pressure. And cancer cells are pressurised in order to grow.
Molecular Nuclear Fusion is the source of X-rays from ultrasound scans.
2002 the Moffitt cancer centre published a 100 person double blind trial on High Intensity UltraSound clearing cancer at 1 application.
I found 8W 1MHz ultrasound was effective HIUS in under 1 minute.

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I sent the idea to Asia – as HIUS should selectively destroy viruses in the lungs, Which will stimulate secretion of the human antibody to clear all viruses and cancer.
In 2012, I sent this to an American friend with HIV. He bought his own device – and totally cleared his HIV in 1 session.
I 2013 I confirmed HIUS clear diabetes in ½ a minute – of ultrasound to the bottom right of the chest: type 1 takes 3 days to remit.
I published my work on the interenet. And the Moffitt in the medical press. So all biochemical work on cancer had to stop15 years ago – as HIUS cleared all cancers.

by Jonathan Thomason and Dr Polly MatZinger
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So patients get all their money back. Families 10 million for every patient death. And the Dr.s on the medical team struck off – with a 25 year jail term for each patient death: all 10,000 of tehm.

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