Wednesday, 1 March 2017

HIUS pops all cancer cells

Cancer has to be inflated, to induce a body cell to divide – body cells never do. High Intensity UltraSound causes such cells to do Molecular Nuclear Fusion, their contents boil, and they pop.
1 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
So the cancer researchers at the drug companies tried to get the drug companies to stop making defective, criminal biochemistry: and killing cancer patients in 2 expensive, agonising years.
2010 they sacked the researchers – and carried on making and selling defective medicine. But the Hippocratic oath prohibits all drug companies from doing this – so they should all have been expelled from medicine 15 years ago: but they are too rich – they just bought off the law.

So they carried on killing your friends and family – and they have just bought off Donald Trump – who said he would shut down Obamacare – and today said 'it is all so complicated'.
So HIUS cures all cancers with under 1 minute of external ultrasound – I use 8W 1MHz. How complicated is that?
Biochemistry is fatal, criminal medicine. Every drug company should have been expelled from medicine 15 years ago.

Only registered Dr.s can prescribe biochemistry – but their registration is revoked on their first biochemical prescription: over to you lawyers. 25 years in prison for every patient death, and a $15 million fine. To the Dr, and drug company. ½ a billion avoidable deaths.

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