Monday, 27 March 2017

Free power for the world

Around the world, there is a river of water, trying to stay still as the world rotates clockwise – so it seems to go anticlockwise.
It dissolves heavy metals like gold, silver, platinum... This is present at 34m below the surface. So we use the maps already produced by geographers – see*

So we drill down to a magma chamber – or we drill down to the river, and use high explosive to blast a chamber.
We get the water up to the surface – at 280oC, and more than 8 atmospheres. We vent a bit of the pressure, and the water boils.
We use a Dyson dry cleaner double helix, to scrub out the heavy metal power: this is why this free power has never been used before.
We pass over the high pressure hot end of a heat pump – to get steam at 780oC. We drive a steam turbine, and get at free, carbon 0 power. We generate 60MW, and use 16kW to drive the heat pump.
The steam now meets the cold end of the heat pump – so we chill out pure water. Which we sell to the water grid.
So we are utilising the waste heat of the Earth's interior, to give us free power, water and gold. We get 1,000 more gold every year, than man can ever use.
So no CO2, or hyper toxic waste produced. Free power for the world – once you have paid for the drill hole and turbine.

Alternatively the home user can pass the steam over a thermoelectric surface, and generate 1MW. Each home suer only needs 8kW. So we are talking about an annual income of 300 million.

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