Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Free non toxic power

Molecular Nuclear Fusion
Where a H plasma turns regular hydrogen into power.
1 H++e- ->(1+x)n0 a plasma turns hydrogen into groups of neurons.
We make the H by electrolysis of regular water.
A 1mx2cm H plasma at 2 atmospheres makes 4.3MW. So 24 H plasma tubes will produce a constant 100MW from 10-15cc of hydrogen a year: we need to build a trial 20MW H plasam plant, and pin down these numbers.

Funny, these graphs always show a price recovery, which has vanished by next month.  So the qupta rduction was aimed at increasing the oil price above $50.  It failed - we are back to price crash.
No Fossil Fuels burn. Uranium fission, present nuclear power, is so toxic, is needs, btu doe not have insurance of 100 billion a year. Nuclear power finds it easy to bung the nuclear regulator – as this insurance is not available.
Molecular Nuclear Fusion is stopped by a tap with an electronic hammer, and produces no solid, radioactive waste.

Just clean free power. Prof Z. told me this idea 2000 – but now wants to deny he eveer said it. An academic not taking credit – serious bung? 

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