Monday, 27 March 2017

Free city power

Free city power
This idea was old science a century ago: the change has been a Dyson dry cleaner.
We locate the under ground river, tracking the river that flow through cities. We use ground sonar to locate magma pockets. We drill down to the magma pocket.
We get up the super heated water at 280oC, 8 atmospheres – and counting. We vent the water, and it boils, We pass through a rugaradised Dyson dry cleaner, and scrub out the metal duct.
At 34 meters, we get gold, platinum, silver copper .. arsenic and lead. We sell the natal powder to process into ingots.
We then pass through a superheat chamber, to get at seam at 840oC. We generate power. We then pass over the cold end of a heat pump – and get pure water. For free.
We generate 60MW. The Carnot heat pump take just 6kW to loop back the heat of the exit steam. We pass the heat into a pure Carnot gas.
We pressurise the gas, and return 85% of the heat at 960oC, to the super heat chamber. So we get free power and water.
All the heat from radioactive processes going on in the Earth's core. We handle only water. As radioactive as a deep reservoir.

So free carbon 0 heat. We have 4 of these plants, and we burn no Fossil Fuels, do no hyper toxic uranium fission: a process so toxic, each plant needs, but does not have, 100 billion of insurance per plant.

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