Sunday, 5 March 2017

Fluorescent lights are nuclear

1 Na+TU->Na++e- here TU= plasma tubulence
2 Na++e-->11H++11e-+X-ray+E+L
3 1H++e- ->E+X-ray+L L=light
4 Na->E+X-ray+L safe light in your kitchen
In your kitchen – now. But it is a week energy system. We have to apply external current – except mid life.
A better idea is a hydrogen plasma tube.
5 H->H++e- positive ions, and free electrons.
So the hydrogen nucleus us a naked proton, bonded to a neutron. The electron can impact directly here.
6 p+.n0+e- ->2n0 half life about 1 nanosecond
This is 50 times as exothermic. And we use only 10-15g of hydrogen, to generate 2.4MW of heat, from a 50x1cm plasma tube.
A thermoelectric generator will turn into 70kW of power. They cost $500. And will earn an annual income of 320.000 UK pounds, a year.

No CO2, no radioactive, hyper toxic waste.

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