Monday, 20 March 2017

Everlasting free light

Everlasting free light
We use a fluorescent light – but once established we turn the power off. We use a diamond drill bit to drill a hole in the side of the tube- as it goes into the electrical contact.
Now fluorescent light do nuclear fission – steadily converting the sodium into light.
1 Na+TU->2B+TU->4He+TU-8H+TU->16L+E+X-ray
This why a tube has run on in midlife, loses weight and stops shining. We introduce regular water.
2 H2O+TU->E2+L+X-ray So 10-26 regular awter will lgiht a 100MW tube for a year. Once started, the only way to stop the tube, is shash it, or turn off the water: Which will stop the tube ni the next decade.
So we start the tube, and have a minute spring loaded water reservoir. Which will kee pthe light on for all our lives.
And 40% of electricity is taken for light production. No more! Borrow a friend diamond drill bit. And have a system to stop the gas escaping the tube. Mount the drill in a pressurised holder, and operate remotely.

And energy bills, 40% lower for life. Have a system to hide the light – so you never need turn it off.

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