Saturday, 25 March 2017

Doubling mpg

This was taught to me at Sheffield university 1984. Burning Fossil Fuels does Molecular Nuclear Fusion: I thought of this science of my PhD there in 2001. Which precipitated the sudden ending of my studies.
1 CmHn+pO2->(mCO2-E)+(n-r)H2O+r(He+O+E2+L+X-ray)
So oxidising the C atom takes IN heat. But the Molecular Nuclear Fusion more than makes up for this.
It is pressure sensitive – so a low pressure flame struggles to light – and a super charged engine is so powerful.
But there is another way to double 'r'. My thanks =here to engineering thermodynamics at Sheffield.
Titanium plate the cylinder body and head -and we double 'r'. We double the power we get for a unit of fuel burnt.
So we double engine power – and double mpg. And we can retro fit it – even to vintage cars. So we half the amount of fuel we need to burn – which decreases global CO2 emission by 20% - by doubling engine power. Are you listening Nissan and Rover? And other English can makers.

Do this for Diesel, and we decrease CO2 by 45%.

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