Friday, 10 March 2017

Clear organ damage

When a viral rump gets into an organ, it finds a host cell. And it uses the IL-4 entry point – designed fro antibody entry.
It then turns off biological activity, and turn the cell into a robot copying cell – all it does is copy the viral DNA, and spreads the infection.
So the medic comes along, and gives you pills, to supplement the missing cell enzymes. So as time goes on, you need higher does – and your medication may interact.
But the viral rump is inflated – to cause the cell to make and liberate viral DNA. So we can use High Intensity UltraSound.
The Moffitt cancer centre showed HIUS clears cancer cells – all types of cancer: so cancer drugs have not been illegal for 15 years. The Dr now has removed his medical registration and insurance – on his first biochemical prescription.

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So they have given a solemn promise to leave medicine for ever. Not 1 has. They are still prescribing, and killing their patients horribly within 2 years.
HIUS to the bottom right of the rub cage clears diabetes – s medically confirmed with 30 diabetics, in 2013 – and medically published.
HIUS will clear all organ damage in under 1 minute. And the biochemistry of the body will revert to normal within 3 days.

So0 repeat prescriptions are defective, criminal medicine – striking the Dr off the same day. All medical practice is then criminal – incurring fines of up to 10 million, for every patient deliberately killed.
 Repeat HIUS for 1 minute at least 3 times will repair organs. More for serious damage. No repeat prescriptions required.

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