Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Christie kills

I applied 8W 1MHz for 30 seconds to Dan's kidneys – he had kidney cancer. He looked better, the Christie took him away, applied drastic chemo therapy to him, and in two week he was dead.
His last ultrasound scans would have shown no kidney cancer. HIUS has demonstrated a 100% cure raet of prostate cancer 2002.
Yet the Christie rely on defective medicine from the 20th century, which kills 50% of patients. But all registered Dr.s MUST use best medicine.
Not to do so is criminal. And to apply medicine to a patient with no need also contravenes the Hippocratic oath – striking all his medical team from the medical register, and leading on to criminal prosecution for 1st degree murder.
So for 15 years, every Dr at the Christie has used defective medicine: 25 years in jail, and a 10 million fine for every death – all 1st degree murder.
A HIUS device costs 30 UK pounds. The Christie charges 5,000, to use defective medciine – killing half the patients. All would have lived under HIUS.

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Jonathan Thomason said...

Prescriptions unethical for 15 years
So we get their cost back, from the hospital of health centre.
The problem lays with the Dr.s. Who allowed themselves to be money driven - rather than health driven they acted contrary to their Hippocratic oath.
In 2002 the Moffitt used High Intensity UltraSound to totally clear cancer at 1 session. I have found under 1 minute iof 8W 1MHz ultrasound external to the cancer does the job.
HIUS to the lungs clears AIDs and soft-body cancers. So biochemistry and 20th century ideas were now defective, criminal medicine.
Which they carried on prescribing. Instantly striking themselves off the medical register, and making medical practice criminal.
ALL their prescriptions are medical malpractice – we get the money back with damages. 10 million for each death.
And nobody by Dr.s cam prescribe most medications. So your GP can;t write out any prescription. Neither can most hospital Dr.s.

Jonathan Thomason said...

Biggest killing
In 2002 the Moffitt cleared cancer using High Intensity UltraSound. Every Dr read and firmed the medical work – or instantly ceased to be a Dr. Their health insurance was void, and medical practice illegal.
The General Medical Council was give the legal duty to enforce the Hippocratic oath. 'No research, teaching or application of defective medicine'.
But no biochemistry, radiotherapy and surgery were all defective – but the GMC remained totally inactive.
They did not advise Dr.s to abandon 20th century now defective medicine. And were gain 100s of millions of pounds a year – for a legal duty they did not discharge.
And 1/5th of the UK population died in screaming agony – for the financial gain of eh GP and medical team: they exact actions prohibited by the Hippocratic oath.
Hitler killed 600,000 Brits. But Dr.s killed 12 million Brits. The GMP should be stripped of their legal role, and all its employees given life sentences.
All prescribing medics owe a legal fine of 10 billion, and a jail term of 10 millennia.
All cancers can be cleared with under a minute of external 8W 1MHz ultrasound. So your GP is the worst mass murderer in history. Go ask hime next week.
You get all medical fees back for the last 15 years – plus punitive damages