Sunday, 19 March 2017

Cheap natural gas & petrol - Carbon 0

Cheap natural gas
We have gas companies that liquefy air, and they produce tonnes of CO2, that they can't sell. So we can buy it really cheap.
We have a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres, which produces 1,2MW – we actually want 2 tube, to boil off water, and superheat the steam to 380oC. Then we add the CO2, and get a gas mixture at 350oC – and just 1 atmosphere.
We then pass it into a large vessel, and get the Sabatier reaction.
1 H2O+CO2+E->CH4+2O2 - we unburn natural gas.
At high pressure, methane bonds with CO2, to produce energy. But at only 1 atmosphere – the reaction reverses.
This is why you will struggle to get natural gas to burn, at low pressure: the reaction goes into reverse.
So we take CO2, add carbon 0 heat, and get natural gas and oxygen. We obviously need to separate over a semipermeable membrane. Then we sell the methane – and the oxygen back to the liquefaction of air company – liquid oxygen has high value.
If we get at heat using a steam plasma tube we can produce superheated steam at 4 atmospheres but I stopped where them drive a turbine to generate 72kW of carbon 0 power.
We vent the steam to 1 atmosphere, and add the carbon dioxide gas. We want a temperature of over 300oC, at 1 atmosphere. We get methane and oxygen. We separate these gases.
Methane is basically natural gas. But we have made it by sucking CO2 from the air. So as we burn the gas, we get back the CO2 we took in the day before – it is a carbon 0 fuel.
So all town and cities can have a town gas works. That uses heat generated by a steam plasma tube, to produce superheated steam – we use to generate power.
This power drives a refrigeration plant, that cools CO2 out of the city air. So we produce natural gas – we can sell. A carbon 0 fuel. No Fossil Fuels is needed.
So the low pressure turns heat into methane and oxygen. The engine etc. uses high pressure top turn methane and oxygen into heat.
The Global Warming idea was stupid – photosynthesis on the land and seas, turns extra CO2 back into biomass, within 5 minutes – sucking the CO2 out of the air. Down to a pre-industrial 2 parts per million.
Global Warming was thought up by nuclear power after Chernobyl – it is spurious science rubbish.
Nuclear power is so toxic it needs 100 billion of insurance, per plant. It carries 59 million. So all nuclear power has been running illegally for 31 years.

If we pass methane down a Ti plated metal helix we get at unreacted methane, and light fuel oil CmHn. m=12 for diesel, m=16 for petrol. So we get at a non Fossil Fuels petrol and diesel. We refine and sell – a carbon 0 fuel oil.

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