Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Biggest 21st century business

Is fresh water. Now boiling off sea water using heat, takes a LOT of heat – very expensive.
Pressurising water to go through a filter uses almost as much energy, plus huge engineering plant. And is very dangerous. One leak, and somebody loses am arm, leg or life.
But the answer was taught to us in 1st year physics at high school. Reduced pressure. On the top of Everest you can't make tea, as water boils at 80oC. By definition, water at 1 atmosphere boils at 1m of vacuum heat. Now vacuum is very cheap to produce.
1 E=PV for 1/8th of the energy of reverse osmosis.
If you spring a leak, there us a hiss – and you need use a puncture repair kit. So 1/8th of the power of high pressure desalination. And farmers can run a vacuum desalination kit.
You need either a little wind turbine, with solar back up. And is a calm, resort to mains power. A kettle uses 5kW, this plant uses 1W! Read or do your own Google search.
So we vacuum a cylinder in the sea, or a river. And suck out pure water vapour. Which we transfer to high storage – vapour takes 1/1000th of the pumping of liquid water.
So in Iraq, we can re-establish the Marshes Saddam Hussain drained. Now with fresh water. In Saudi Arabia, we irrigate the high desert. And import sea bed we have washed in a river estuary.
We impregnate the new soil with grass seed – so re-establish grass land.
We go back, and plant trees in soil mounds. Plants suck CO2 from the air, down to 2 parts per million today – its pre-industrial level.
So Global Warming was paid science fiction by nuclear power – who needs 100 billion of insurance per plant – such is the toxic nature of the industry.
Which explains why the Chinese have caked off Hinkley C. Hinkley B never had planning consent – it was an illegal extension to Hinkley A – demolished in 2006. Which means Hinkley B has been an illegal plant for a decade.
Sizewell B has never had the 40 billion insurance required after Chernobyl. So has always been ILLEGLA. Price Charles e-mailed me, to say ever new nuclear plant needs its; own planning consent – which after Chernobyl in 1984, will never be given.
So all British Nuclear illegal.

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