Wednesday, 22 March 2017

Alzheimer's cleared

Alzheimer's is caused by RNA left behind from an infection: medics say they might be able test for Alzheimer's 14 years before you get the infection! This is obvious self-serving delusion. You can't.

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But I personally confirmed the cure 2013 – and published the results on the Internet. Read and confirmed by every Dr on Earth: they can totally clear Alzheimer's using their 8W 3MHz ultrasound device
I use 8W 1MHz – 100% effective against Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and MS So for the last 4 years, no Dr has been allowed to research of prescribe biochemistry for mental health: or they strike themselves off, and await criminal trial.
So Alzheimer's totality cleared in 1 minute, using a beauty device costing under $30.
Every Dr confirmed this High Intensity UltraSound cleared all 200 cancers out there. Read an confirmed by all Dr.s on Earth.
Who continued with defective, criminal biochemistry. So all GPs struck off – all their prescriptions invalid. And all pharmacists knew this – so should never have filled them.
Patients and their families et back 15 years of medical expenses. The Dr.s health cover was invalid – and only covers the first 100 million anyway. That is 10 patient deaths. Their prescriptions have killed 10,000 each.
But it means ALL their subsequent prescriptions are invalid. And writing out new prescriptions is criminal. The most massive medical malpractice imaginable.
And the Dr.s struck themselves off – or should have done. No lawyer needed to be involved.
So your GP is not a Dr: do ensure you forward this to your GP.

Drug companies are trying to make up for a condition that use to kill 1 in 3 of us, with a condition totally cleared in 1 minute.

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