Sunday, 5 February 2017

The climate is nature

The warm middle ages is the warmest period on record – with virtually no CO2 released by man. Natural forest fires were the main CO2 sources.
Global Warming pundits expressed regret they could not explain it – so didm't! By ignoring it, they avoided having to deal with data that did not fit.
I was reading in the Daily Mail just now, that all the Global Warming data used by'scientists' to persuade world governments was fabricated.
So we get to the cold snap in 1963, at the height of an economic boom, with loads of CO2. And feet of snow on the roads.
2009/10 was the coldest winter for 200 years. The climate people again, don't talk about ti.#
The summer of 1976, warmest since 1948: in the post war depression. An economic recession, and the warmest summer of my life.
Then all the American pointing out the climate data showed cooling since1995.
Then the last 4 years of no summer: the warmest ever years. Where? All the solar system is cooling. That's interesting. Planets with high CO2 levels cooling naturally.
With 40% CO2 in the air, Mars should be hotter than the Earth – not an average of -50oC. So nuclear power funded individuals to talk about Global Warming – and now their jobs depend on it, they will massage the data. To show a cooling world is hotter than ever. Who are these people?
Mineral data shows that CO2 levels rise in a natural ice-age. Then in the warm period photosynthesis caps CO2.
So in the little ice-age there was 4 parts per million CO2 in the air. Any burnt Fossil Fuels is converted in to new biomass within 5 minutes.
So there is still 2ppm CO2 in the air. Its pre-industrial level. And photosynthesis occurs on the land and sea. So 60% of it is totally outside man's control.
On the land, 99.8% is nature. Nature has not even noticed we have evolved. Except for our nuclear incidents, which kills life over a continent.
So ever nuclear plant needs insurance of 100 billion. But none has it – as there is no insurance available above 1 billion.

So why have the nuclear regulators not issued immediate STOP orders on nuclear plants. Because nuclear power has bought off the regulator: the most crininal act in history.

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