Saturday, 4 February 2017

The best free power

is not oil!
'In those 4 days, I would estimate I've used around 150 litres of oil'
Gas is 1,000 times that. And releases 45kW/m of heat.
A steam plasma does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+TU->E3+L+X-ray E3=1.2MW constantly.460MW for the year
From 7x10-20cc of regular water. We start the plasma off with a pulse of electricity from e.g. a crank handle, and it run unpowered for the year. So the oil costs $1,800, and the steam plasma costs 0.
No CO2, or hyper-toxic radioactive waste. Uranium nuclear power is so toxic, every nuclear power plant needs insurance of 100 billion. Not available. So they made up Global Warming.
But plants convert the burnt Fossil Fuels back into active biomass: we still have a pre-industrial 2 parts per million CO2 in the air.
You have read higher figures – by physics professors funded by nuclear power. Ask any independent high school biology teacher – photosynthesis caps CO2.
You burn the Fossil Fuels, you get more life on Earth. YOU CAN'T GET MORE CO2 IN THE AIR. Not biologically possible.
So we steam plasma tube, turns regular water into heat: The plasma is an atomic ball mill, and the atoms are coveted into smaller and smaller atoms, then heat, light and X-rays.
So we get 1/2MW of electricity. So no mains power: 7% of the mains power is wasted is distributing the current. We sell 490kW to the national grid, at 3,000 UK pounds per kwYear. An annual income of 5.8 million. A life times income in one years.
And we get free heat and power. Totally carbon free. No toxic waste, no impossible insurance – and no need to buy off the nuclear regulators.

A fine of 10 million per power plant, and 10 years in jail for each illegal year. And suddenly all the financial backers for nuclear power have gone.
Hinkley has been operating outside planning for 27 years. Sizewell B is an illegal extension to Sizewell A, that was demolished in 2006 – along with planning consent. So all nuclear power in the UK is illegal.
Saudi is losing billion, with oil below $96 a barrel.  It has spent its foreign reserves - a bankrupt economy.
Billion pound fines and millennia jail term are in the post to the plant managers.
Nuclear Fusion By WaterfallBy Jonathan M Thomason
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