Tuesday, 21 February 2017

The Arabs bought off free power

Visible light is being produced by a H plasma.
In the 1950s, physics professors realised a hydrogen plasma was free, unlimited power.
1 H2+Tu->2(H++e-) the plasma broke hydrogen molecules part. TU=turbulence
2 H++e- ->E3+L+X-ray power with no CO2, or solid radioactive waste
So the Arabs invested money in education, to kill the idea off.

So we do the electrolysis of water, and put the H molecules in a plasma tube. We start it up, and above 2 atmospheres is self sustains, turning matter into heat. Light and X-rays.
So a 50x1cm plasma tube will produce 6MW of heat, from 1.5x10-18cc of hydrogen. A decade. So we get 3MW of power, from a vanishing volume of water.
We can either collect and sell the oxygen, or just vent it to the air. Power with no Fossil Fuels burn. No hyper toxic, radioactive waste.
We contain the X-rays, so no radiation leaves the plant. Clean and free heat.
To stop it, break the tube. So no 100 billion per plant insurance required – as is the case for present uranium nuclear power. Every nuclear plant in the world is running under insured. So must immediately shut down, for ever.
Which leaves the problem of the radioactive waste. Put it in a H plasma tube, and it will get eaten.
3 H++e-->n0 So we get neutron formation, on the way to heat, light and X-rays.
Carbon 0, free heat.
So we put Plutonium in a tube. And we hit it with a low number of neutrons – 8 causes and explosion.
We get smaller atoms, which fission into small atoms – ending up as heat, light and X-rays. We consume the radioactive waste.
What will this cost, probably ¼ the cost of ground storing the waste for 100,000 years – but nuclear power has never costed for this. It really is not a process we should allow around the
Earth – it could extinguish all life on Earth.
Nature does Molecular Nuclear Fusion – like with every beat of your heart.
4 H2O+P->He+O+E2+X-ray
So you breath out helium, and give out X-rays as you heart beats. It is that safe – it goes on constantly in your body. Turning very little regular water into massive free heat.
So physics professors know all about H fission in the 1950s, but since the turn of the millennia has allowed world government to extract 240 billion from tax payers for research into man-made Climate Change.
University biology lecturers realise that extra CO2 is converted back into biomass by natural photosynthesis on the land and seas. So CO2 levels are static. Levels rise in a natural ice-age, so it does not cause Global Warming – or infect any weather effect.
The Fossil Fuels were active biology, and burning them converts them into biomass within 5 minutes – sucking the CO2 from the air, leaving a pre-industrial 2 parts per million in the air. Basic high school biology we were all taught as a 14 year old. Did you not keep your note books?
A static trace gas affects nothing – as any scientist. A real scientist – not a nuclear stooge.
So a H plasma tube will produce massive clean and free heat, a steam turbine will turn into power: using no Fossil Fuels or hyper toxic uranium nuclear fission.

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