Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Stop British nuclear

To comply with its operating license, every nuclear power plant must have adequate insurance. In 1984 the nuclear regulator assured me this was 50 million. They 1986 saw Chernobyl.
This rose to 40 billion – but no insurance was available above 1 billion. So every nuclear plamnt has operated outside its planning consent. So the nuclear regulator had the legal imperatuive to issue immediate stop order on every nuclear plant – 2 years before Sizewell B even started.
It invested its money in Global Warming. Apparently unaware, CO2 levels doubled in an ice age – as there was less photosynthesis. Then as the world cooled from 1995, quick as a flash, nuclear power promoted man-made Climate Change. So the natural climate has been cooling for 21 years, only another 7 until it starts warming again – controlled by predictable solar cycles.
So global CO2 is pegged at only 2 parts per million today – it ws twice as high in the little ice-age of the 18th century.
So every nuclear plant should have been issued will immediate stop orders 1984. But nuclear power bunged its regulator – corporate corruption big time.
NO NEWPAPER CAN WRITE COPY FOR AN ILLEGAL COMPANY. And no academic can do research for it – all the gW papers must be shredded, or deleted from digital stores. And the academics must pay the money back, as a fine to the govenrment.

Sizewell B nows owes a fine of 2.5 trillion to the UK government. A 50x1cm steam plasma tube will generate a constant 1/2MW, from 10-17cc of regular water a year. Carbon 0, free power. And uranium nuclear power must STOP today.

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