Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Only the best medicine

Dr.s pledge 'I will use only the best medicine – irrespective of cost'. Then in 2002 the Moffitt Cancer Centre used High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancers.
It works, as ultrasound sets off Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
The process scales with pressure – and all cancers are inflated – in order to indu ce body cells to bud: regular body cells bud off the tightly managed stem cells – cancer is locked out here.
Body cells get deep tissue burns above 180W 40kHz. Cancer cells experience cell content boiling above 90W 40kHz.
I now use a 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device – a medically licensed beauty device, that clears all cancers, heart disease, diabetes and mental health problems – see my other posts.
Yet 15 years on, Dr.s are still prescribing defective biochemistry – killing the patients horribly in 2 years; High Intensity UltraSound totally cures all cancers in 1 minute.
So prescribing biochemistry is illegal. The Dr was struck off 15 years ago: and has been practising medicine with no insurance for 15 years – so criminal. Medical malpractice big time.

Only Dr.s who have not prescribed biochemistry for caner etc., in the last 15 years can practise medicine. So your GP is very likely practising illegally.

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