Sunday, 12 February 2017

Nuclear fusion is here

In 2001 I told Sheffield University that a working steam engine did Molecular Nuclear Fusion. Nuclear fusion from the turbulent flow of steam.
Geothermal vents do it – which precedes a volcanic eruption.
Green plant in the light do Molecular Nuclear Fusion from water. As does a beating animal heart: so YOU do it 70 times a minute. Which is why you can take you pulse with as Geiger counter.
Heavy rain and snow does it – which drives lightening. Every 3 minutes around eh Earth there is a lightening strike – which releases 2.5x1030W of safe, free carbon 0 power.
So a 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres releases 1.2MW, from 1.4x10-818cc of regular water a year: again free, carbon 0, non polluting power.
Game over for the biologically impossible man-made Climate Change, and hyper-toxic uranium nuclear power.
A process so toxic, each nuclear plant needs, but does not have, insurance of 100 billion, per plant, per year.
Nuclear Fusion By WaterfallBy Jonathan M Thomason
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Nature makes immense amounts of power every day by doing nuclear fusion on high pressure water or steam. Totally clean and natural power! With no radioactive toxic waste! Totally green power on... More >

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