Sunday, 5 February 2017

Free nuclear fusion

I will get back to the industrial revolution at the end.
Every 3 minutes on Earth heavy rain or snow does enough precipitation to set up a lightening strike
1 H2O+TU->He2++O2++E2+X-ray
So we buiild up a potential between the ground, that collects the negative charge, and the cloud tops that collects the alpha particles.
The free radical oxygen bonds with oxygen molecules to form ozone.
2 O2+O2+>O32+
So a constant production of He. That is lost to space within 24 hours, and replace. Which is why there is a huge 0.000524% He in the air. Levels rise in the city during the day, as Fossil Fuels burning makes He.
3 Cm(H2O)n+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+Er3+L+X-ray) So He levels spike in the city during the rush hour. Or is the country side on Harvest day.
So burning Fossil Fuels produces visible light – only possible with nuclear processes. And there is too little 14C to suddenly fo radioactive fission on burning. So carbon dating works, as life does Molecular Nuclear Fusion during the lifetime of the organism.
So do waterfalls or heavy waters and the seas – hence carbon dates can be very wrong.
Oxidation of carbon takes in heat. So at low pressures, the fuels do not burn, or burn with a smokey flame. 'r' is linked to flame pressure. So at higher pressure we start releasing X-rays and visible light, and the process gets more exothermic.
So if we supercharge the fuel and air mixture, it very exothermic. And we get off loads of X-rays.
Better idea – scrap the Fossil Fuels. Use a steam plasma.
4 H2O+O->2H++O2++4e-
5 1H++r e- ->r H+->Er3+X-ray hydrogen fission – most exothermic action in the universe.
6 16O2++s n0 ->8H++6e- then 5.
You can buy a water injection system on the internet, that injects water into burning Fossil Fuels. BMW offer one, to increase car power, and reduce fuel burn BMW water injection system offers improved performance and fuel ...
So a commercial process that increases H fission in a car. The hydrogen from the water is converted into heat, light and X-rays. The ozone production will be increased. As we don't do 5&6. Water injection is easier that hydrogen injection, which would do the same – from a dangerous inflamable gas. You can use a car powered water inverter to prodcec the H for a camp site

So a 50x1cm steam plasma tube will do 580kW of heat production. A car needs 20-200 kW, So again BMW is looking at using thermoel4ctric generators to turn the heat into power.
4% efficiency is going to give us 48W. Which will run a family car. Two will gives us sports car performance, 4 super car level. With no Fossil Fuels burn. Again BMW is looking at this science.
A small steam turbine will give us 500kW of a 50x1cm steam plasma tube. When stationary, we plug the car into the mains, and we sell 1/2MW to the grid. Which pays us 1.5 million a year.
Never any refuel stops. AS the car uses a small seam powered reservoir, which will outlast the life of the car.
How interesting that BMW is looking into this science: expect the launch of a family hatchback, that runs off water – and never needs refuelling. Honda may get there first.
So a 1mx2cm seam plasma will produce 8.6MW – just too much heat. A 50x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmosphres 1.2 MW at 4 atmospheres: by now every engineering department in every universaty around the world will have a working system. Even Sheffield – where I thought up Molecular Nuclear Fusion in 2001. They were not amused, they were looking into Global Warming, 5 years after the natural climate went into a natural 28 years of cooling. The weather cycles with predictable solar cycles.
So we can produce 1/2MW, using a small steam turbine. We all want 8W at home. So the national grid is going to pay us 1.8million for our excess power – from regular water. No Fossil Fuels burn. And no hyper toxic uranium fission.
A process so toxic, ever nuclear plant needs insurance of 100 billion. Not commercially available. Hence nuclear power invented Global Warming.
1995 the world stated cooling – hence nuclear power started pushing man-made Climate Change in 2005. Only 2023, and the natural climate will start warming again.
But no nuclear plant can operate without sufficient insurance – hence China has lost interest in Hinkley Point: which only had planning until 1990. Every year of illegal operation 10 million pounds as a fine for every illegal year, And the plant managers get 10 years in jail. Prices from the nuclear regulator in 1983.
Toyota has pulled out of the proposed Cumbrian uranium fission plant: the lack of adequate insurance would ensure the contractors never got paid, for a plant which could never operate.
So every nuclear plant in the world is operating illegally. Most are out of planning consent. So all must STOP – in 1984. Nuclear power is a dangerous process. Look at Windscale, 3 Mile Island, Chernobyl and Fukishima.
You want to create a dirty bomb? Crash a light aircraft into a nuclear core. The nuclear boys protest it is too expensive to plane proof a nuclear plant.
Remember the Twin Towers? I was in N.Y. 2 years ago, and said prayers for 5 minutes at the memorial site. Sorry guys.
A nuclear incident – 50 million deaths. They are static Hiroshimas.
So we can use steam plasma tubes in place of toxic uranium fission tubes. Then the plane would make a splash – and nobody dies.
The industrial revolution started with steam power – which does Molecular Nuclear Fusion.
7 (r+1)H2Os+TU->(rH2Ol+E)+(He+O+E3)

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