Saturday, 4 February 2017

Free carbon 0 power

A steam plasma tube – just like lightening.
1 H2O+TU->2H++O2++4e- break matter into positive atom nuclei, and free electrons
2 H++e- ->n0 the hydrogens and fre electrons form neutrons
3 16O2++4n0 ->8H++6e- the oxygens fission into hydrogens
4 H++r n0 ->Er3+L+X-ray
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube generates a constant 1.2MW of heat, from 7x10-20cc of regular water a year. No solid, radioactive, hyper toxic waste.
Uranium fission is a process so toxic, it requires insurance of 100 billion per plant: not commercially available. Hence the Chinese adnb Japanese backers of new UK nuclear plants have all pulled out.
No nuclear plant could get an operating license without a full Royal commission. 1st quesetion 'Do you have sufficient insurance'. And 'No – not avaialble'. Judgement, planning refused.
All operating nuclear plants around the wordl are all operating with insufficient insurance, and the national regulator had thbe legal imperative to issue immediate 'STOP' orders in 1984 – the year of Chernobyl.
They did not because of bribes from nuclear power – biggest corporate crime in histroy. Every nuclear plant must STOP today – backdated 42 years. Fines of 10 million and 10 years in jail, for each plant manager, for ever year of illegal operation.
No university any where in the world has ethically been allowed to take research funding from nuclear power, since 1984: are you listening Sheffield University? It is illegal.
Sheffield proudly shows nuclear as a funder – students beware. I came up with Molecular Nuclear Fusion in 2001, and they ended my PhD sharpish. At the behest of nuclear power.
N Power has just raised it's electricity prices by 12%, as it lost 15% of its customers last year. The price hike should remove another 25%+.
So we have a 25x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres: we start off using the electronics borrowed from a fluorescent light. It generates 600kW of heat. A thermoelectric device wil lturn into 24kW of electricity.
We sell 16kW to the national grid, and get 48,000 UK pounds of income from the national grid: power that pays you. From 1.4x10-21cc of regular water a year. You will never measure it – have a spring loaded water reservoir, and you will get free poer for 10,000 years – off 5cc of regular water.
Where do you get a thermoelectric generator from? The internet of course. Read TEG Thermoelectric Power Generators For Sale - Thermoelectric ...
it costs under 800 UK pounds. It will pay back in under 1 week.
N Power are really badly advised to raise power costs, as oil is crashing.
You want t oread about steam plasmas gnerating heat -

Syngas Generation from Organic Waste with Plasma Steam Reforming

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