Saturday, 18 February 2017

Find love on the internet

I have been married twice, but divorced and widowed. Meeting somebody new is not easy, so so night ago, one of my girl called me up – after I met her 3 months ago.
I rushed right over, and she had brought a friend. She was a politican artist – just my sort apprantly: when this happened I do not know.
The 3 of us ended back at my flat, and I ended up giving her an ultrasonic massage. And she used it as fore play, and she was all over my dick. We ended up in bed together.
That day I had matched internet porn, as had she. We could masturbate each other, but no erection – I was partly not horny, partly freeked out.
She arranged to come over for tea, which I extended to the weekend. She did not turn up – our sec synapses were burnt out.

Morral of the story – don't do internet porn. Take things slow – the old fashioned way. Intenet porn could kill off human relationships, and stop children.

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