Monday, 20 February 2017

Christians cure cancer. HIV. illness

Like all viruses, HIV divides in a single cell fashion – it is locked out of the body stem cells. And only inflated cells bud – flaccid body cells bud off the stem cells and abduct into place.
Cancer divides in the same way – and shares 6 enzymes with infective disease – the pathogen base. If you apply ultrasound to such cells, external to the body, they give off X-rays, as the cells do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
So to 5W 40kHz ultrasound, cancer and viral cells give off X-rays. Bacteria are also inflated in order to grow, so they also give out X-rays.
I noted this on my PhD in 2000 – it is very important. It causes all pathogen cells t ogive off X-rays – but also give out a lot of heat. Body cells experience deep tissue burns at 180W 40kHz. But for cancer cells, these start at 90W 40kHz.
Today the beauty people use 8W 1MHz, to remove scars. And physiotherapists use High Intensity UltraSound, to clear limb damage. 8W 1MHz is HIUS.
So if you apply HIUS externally to a cancer for under 1 minute, the cancer cells experience cell content boiling, and fragment. The clustering dendrites secrete and action the active human antibody to clear cancer. Including to the pathogen base.
So if we take blood sample, we can get at the human antibodies to the pathogen base, and pills of these antibodies will cure all infections and cancers.
A 1 bottle course of pills is the total cancer cure. No repeat prescription, and no pain. And no cancer.
If we apply the HIUS for under 1 minute to either side of the chest, we produce the active antibodies to HIV. And cure the infection. So nurses with an ultrasound massage device can cure all infections and cancers – included HIV.

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Alternatively, bottle of the human antibodies will cure all human infections. HIV will require its own course of pills.
So we eradicate HIV from the Earth. And cure all infections and cancers. My thanks to St Clement's Ordsall, where I proved the effectiveness of HIUS. Until drug companies got us stopped – as we had no health insurance.
We do not need it – to use a consumer beauty device. All the Dr.s using defective biochemical treatments do. 1 prescription struck off the Dr, and invalidated their insurance.
Making medical practice illegal – a criminal activity.

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