Saturday, 25 February 2017

Cheap central heating

We burn no Fossil Fuels. We compress air to 3 atmospheres, and pass this hot gas into a boiler room. Anybody who has used a gas compressor, knows it gets very hot!
And needs a radiator to cool the exit gas. A car supercharger requires its own little radiator. So we get mad hot gas – with no flame.  That is the photo above.
After the 'fire' tubes in the boiler, we vent the pressure – and recirculate the still hot gas. It turns owut, pressurising a gas is a very good way to make it hot.
For 10% of the cost of burning oil or gas. The eelcricity is generated using a flame burn, but we still reduce the CO2 emissions by over 95%.
So don't burn oil or gas at home.

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