Saturday, 25 February 2017

His love surrounds us


His love it surrounds us
His care knows no bounds
No hassles with no fuss
All enveloping surrounds

From before we were even born
The warm enveloping care is all
His loyalty to us, it was sworn
Before we could even crawl
It know no limits, no bounds
A love that we can be sure of
All laughter with no frowns
It is the love dove from above

It will never desert us and leave
We can be sure, to depend on
Welded to man will never cleave
We know it will never be gone
Celebrate and sing with joy
He walks with us in the dark
We are a serious love, no toy
Til we emerge sub filled park

He delights in our laughter
He holds our hand, guides us
In our happy times ever after
Living the good life extra plus
It is right to sing with pleasure
Fill the Church with praise
To be his reward best treasure

Radiate with heaven rays

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