Friday, 10 February 2017

AstraZeneca criminal

No registered Dr is allowed to research or prescribe defective medicine. Every Biochemical drug company has signed the Hippocratic oath – and is prohibited from making defective medicine.
2002 the Moffitt cancer centre used High Intensity UltraSound to totally clear cancer in 1 application. I have found 8W 1MHz ultrasound from a massage device is effective HIUS in under 1 minute.

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I used it to clear late stage, inoperable liver cancer. And it cleared all associated pain within 10 minutes. And I published my work on the Internet 2013.
AstraZeneca sacked its biochemical cancer researchers in 2010: this means for 8 years it contravened the Hippocratic oath. There is no 8 year grace period, defective medicine stops on the day it is defective.
So AZ was banned from working in health systems 15 years ago – that is the automatic sanction of the Hippocratic oath. So AZ ws trusted to9 remove itself from medicine.
It then said it would buy in biochemistry. The Hippocratic oath applies to all defective medicine – buying it in makes no difference – it is illegal and unethical.
So now it accepts biochemical treatments for cancer is defective medicine – though it marked them for 15 years. So now it intends to make money from pain relief.
HIUS both clears the cancer – and its pain. So pain relief from cancer is defective. HIUS also clears arthritis and other disease of age.
So all pain relief is defective, criminal medicine. AZ employs lawyers, so is well enough aware, this is criminal behaviour. The Hippocratic oath prohibits criminal organisations from working in medicine.
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AZ made $385 billion last year – how?


Jonathan Thomason said...

drug companies making defective medicine instantly expelled from medicine. AZ 15 years ago

Jonathan Thomason said...

Metformin ILLEGAL
2013 I proved High Intensity UltraSound totally cleared diabetes – type 1 with a 3 day in remitting, totally and for ever.
Every Dr on Earth validated this science, and then all Metformin prescriptions were CRIMINAL. The lead Dr was under the legal inperative to ensure no Dr in his team prescribed METFORMIN.
In the same way they validated HIUS cleared ALL cancer 2002 – and were under a legla imperative to ensure no Dr in their team prescribed biochemical treatments for cancer – also CRIMINAL.
The legal penalty was for both to be struck off the medical register 15 years ago: they must return all wages, their pension is void, and tjhey are barred from medical practice for life.
Copy this to your GP. Biochemical prescriptions became ILLEGAL, and every death warrants a 25 year jail term, and 10 million UK fine.
So all heath centres are barred from biochemical prescriptions. Metformin prescriptions have been CRIMINAL since I published my practical work 4 years ago.
The simplest source of medically licensed HIUS is a 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device.
Applied externally it will clear all cancers in under 1 minute. Applied for just ½ a mniute, it will clear diabetes.
To continue to prescribe biochemical treatments for cancer, is criminal 1st degree murder: for the financial gain of the Dr. Ensure every health centre in the world has this paper.
It goes without saying, all medical school were aware of HIUS. To continue to research and teach biochemistry was criminal, and excludes them for ever from medicine – just like their graduating students for the last 15 years.