Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Antibodies are go

I have validated High Intensity UltraSound stimulates the secretion and activation of human antibodies: to cancers, heart disease, diabetes, mental health problems, IBS and arthritis.
HIUS works by causing cell content boiling typical only of cells causing the diseases of age. I knew about ultrasound causing deep tissue burns due to my work in metallurgical ultrasound.
Deep tissue burns curt it at 180W 40kHz. In excess of 20W 1MHz. So I use a medically licensed ultrasound massage device – 8W 1MHz.
I had a friend in the US, with HIV. HIUS cured him – and the world is so interested in this idea. We apply the HIUS to both sides of the chest and head.
This one is so simple! We sample for the human antibodies, and sell pills of the 3 most important – and eradicate HIV from the world.
There are 6 common antibodies to all cancers – the pathogen base. We will also get cancer specific antibodies. So pills of the pathogen base will eradicate present cancers from the world.
But cancer is a dynamic system – it will evolve. Hence the 3 antibody pills, so it will have to evolve in 3 crucial areas.
My medical friends will tell me off, I am writing my first album. But I have always needed an artistic counter point, to work bast as a scientist.
Sheffield let me go, when I was busy doing theatre singing. Now I am going to be a recording artist – less work.

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And I have been song writing for 7 years.

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