Sunday, 1 January 2017

Using the bodies own immune system

The human immune system is initiated by body cell damage, as sensed by the dendrites – or a known immune danger.
A foreign cell that does not ham body cells is tolerated, and provokes no immune action.
If we give IL-2&4 at concentrations seem in somebody getting better from an infection, we tap into the positive feedback loop.
The IL-4 make the active human antibody, and IL-2 causes the t cells to load the antibody on the dendrites, and action it: IL-4 on its own has been tried and did nothing: the antibody was just dropped into the blood system and never actioned.
With IL-2, we provoke a full immune action, and as the target cell is engulfed, the body turns IL-1 into 2xIL-1+, and the lower cytosines are made. These make the chemokines, and the full immune action.
The simplest way to produce IL-2 and IL-4, is to apply High Intensity UltraSound to a virus or cancer infected organ – or the lungs.
So we get the antiviral to all viral infections, included HIV, swine and pig flu. We produce the active antibody to all 200 cancers out there. We can sample for the active levels of IL-2&4, and give my immune drip – though a 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device acts as an HIUD device, in under 1 minute.
So we can produce antibody pills to HIV. Will it clear the HIV in 1 go? I would go for 6, for ever AIDs patient in the world.
Pills of the specific antibody will clear all cancers. Moe important in the antibody to infections.
We will require a course ever infection – and this will stop cancers. People will only use the anti common cold pills if they have to – so the viruses circling the Earth will still happen.

This also produces the active antibody to clear diabetes and Alzheimer's.Also autoimmune problems like lupus and MS.

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