Monday, 2 January 2017

Turbine blades

Al alloy has the required strength, but is a Body Centred Cubic metal. So we need an electroplate of Ti. I would recommend a full plate over the blade surfaces – to prevent the plate flacking off.
Ceramic blades seem to be the way to go. We use the

potters art to slip cast ceramic over a Carbon mash – to give excellent high temperature strength.
We pain the blade surface with TiO, to get the required Face Centred Cubic metal on the surface.
The Al alloy blades will be 20% the cost of Ti blades, but require machining and an electroplate.
The ceramic blades have the required strength and exposed Face Centred Cubic ions to double the amount of Molecular Nuclear Fusion we do.
A steam plasma tube 50x1cm in size at 4 atmospheres will give us 1.2 MW of heat. That a small turbine will turn into ½ MW of electricity.
I would recommend we hire out a 100 MW thermoelectric generator, so in 4 months, we sell a turbine – and get back the thermoelectric generator, to rent out again.
So around the country we have 1 in 300 people with a small turbine, supply all the electricity for the country: and this is a lot of little turbines.

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