Sunday, 1 January 2017

Sinking of the Titanic

written for J. Shone M.Eng
from the Channel 5 program 'new evidence on the Titanic'. Which turned out not to be news – my nursing friend had heard about it.
There was a coal fire in the forward coal store, which they were off loading to the boilers: Hence the speed – they were trying to use the coal before it burnt off.
The fire had spread to the second coal store.
Now when we hti the ice berg, we got the inrush of cold sea water into the coal store. Which should have caused Titanic to sink in 1.5 hours – time to off load everybody to the Carpathia.
The white Star line had sailed with too few life boats, to save money.
But now we had a structuralyl weaken ship – the fire started in Belfast. Which is why 29 of the stokers were replaced in Southampton, and Isme wisked all the stokers away before the NY enquiry.
The cold water produced a brittle facture of the steal. Only standard gradfe material. So the ship sank in 30 minutes, and 1,500 people died.

Becasue the Titanic had an active fire, in Southampton. This was the detail missing from your engineering systems analysis in 192! The program will be available on the Internet, Channel 5 catch up. Monday 8:30pm Jan 1st.

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