Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Global Warming SO wrong

 The global climate has been cooling since 1995 – hence the change in nuclear PR to 'man-made climate change' – also wrong.
The Fossil Fuels were active life in prehistory – that died at the mass extinctions. The Permian mass extinction happened 250 million and was a carbon crisis -caused by the evolution of photosynthesis that as CO2 plunge to 1 part per million – it was a carbon crisis. Life recovered as animals evolved to eat plants, combine it with the Oxygen plants excreted, and breath out CO2 – plant food.
90% of life on Earth died – compared to 85% when the dinosaurs died. And these converted life into coal, and as water bubble through these coal deposits we got methane, and the methane formed petrol and diesel.
1 C+(2+r)H2O->CH4+O2+r(He+O+E3) so Molecular Nuclear Fusion
The oxygen dissolves, and is carried away by geothermal water. So we get underground pockets filled with methane, or occasionally mineral oil.
When we burn these with the oxygen excreted by plants,, we get additional plant biomass within 5 minutes.
All academics without life threatening mental health problems realise CO2 is capped by photosynthesis on the land or seas.
Yet for 30 years apparently sane academics wrote papers on CO2 levels increasing and warming the Earth. The mineral record shows CO2 levels are static in a warm period, and double 4 years into an ice-age: when there is less photosynthesis.
So why write spurious science fiction – and pretend it is fact. Because nuclear power was prepared to pay loads of money.
But since Chernobyl in 1984, every nuclear plant in the world has been running under insured. Each plant required 40 billion insurance a year. After Fukishima this rose to 100 billion.
No insurance above 1 billion is available. So all nuclear power is operating illegally – and no academic is allowed to get fun ding from illegal companies.
So all the papers on Global Warming need shredding. Man-made Climate Change is just to non sensible for academics ever to have researched it – obvious nuclear lies.
All the academics need stripping of their doctorate, and expelling from education. What ever work they have done since, they have shown themselves to be financially malleable.

Not the sort of people we want in a truth focused body. Incidentally as man-made Climate Change has no factual basis, ever newspaper that has printed copy about it, needs to retract the lies – and never do it again.

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