Saturday, 21 January 2017

Giving the world fusion

I told Sheffield University that a working steam engine did nuclear fusion 16 years ago. A working seam engine gives off X-rays, and produces He and O3 gases.
1 H2Os+TU ->He+O3+X-ray+E2
There reaction – end my PhD in a onic. No explnation. I was legally entitled to an explanation within 6 months – or all their degrees for the last 16 years are invalid.
At the time I was 180 miles away, in bed with Alison.
I continued worknig on the idea – which totally removs Fossil Fuels from the energy equation. Nuclear power needsd 100 billion per plant insurance – so has been illegla since 1984. 4 trillion in legla fines.
A steam plasma tube does Molecular Nuclear Fusion -

a50x1cm steam plasma tube produces 1.2MW of heat from 7x10-20cc of regular water. ½MW of carbon 0, free power. No insurance required.  Get my e-book on Amazon Kindle

Free Power

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