Thursday, 26 January 2017

Free water

There is a river of water flowing anticlockwise around the world – really the Earth moves clockwise.
It is 2o shifted from streams or rivers. So a farmer can use a dousing rod on their land, and locate this water. It will be heated and under pressure.
We can vent the pressure, and take off the heavy metals with a Dyson dry cleaner. If we have drilled down to over 34 metres, we will have dissolved gold and platinum. Plus copper, lead and aresnic.
So we sell the metal dust ont to process into ingots. We could be talking acout 5 tonnes of gold every year – gold is at $38,606,760.00 per tonne.
And we get at pure water for farm use. No overpriced mains water. All towns can set up their town water works again – using deep Earth water. That comes up with gold and platinum in.

This idea will work all over the Earth.

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