Friday, 20 January 2017

Free power

I was intrigued in 1983, as I worked in metallurgical ultrasound – ultrasound caused the
emission of X-rays and heat from ultrasound gel.
I was back in 2000 doing a PhD at Sheffield and was reminded that ultrasound caused the rapid boiling of water. My supervisor told me that the turbulent flow of hydrogen gas goes nuclear fusion.
So a H plasma does nuclear fusion – at moderate pressure.
1 H2+E->2(H++e-) forming the plasma
2 H++e- ->n0 the matter ends up as neutrons
3 r n0+H+ ->Er3+e+ e+=a positron
Massive free heat – but we get 20MW/m from a 1cm H plasma – just too much heat
But ultrasound does the less energetic Molecular Nuclear Fusion
4 H2O+US->E23+L+X-ray ans lightening does Molecular Nuclear Fusion, so E2=8.6x1030W from a 1.5km 2cm steam plasma.
So a 1mx1cm steam plasma gives off 2.4MW of clean power.
So we vent the steam plasma to the steam that exits the boiler room. It is at 3,000oC, but it mixes will loads of steam at 120oC, so we only get steam at 150oC.
So we add 5cc of water to the plasma a minute. But the volume of He and O gas we get off, we will struggle to measure them.
We cool the steam on a large Al coil, so we give out our heat to the air, and get back liquid water, at low pressure. We might actually draw in air, as otherwise the pressure is too low.
We get back a reservoir of pure water. We use this to replenish the steam plasma, and it is also the water we boil off, to drive the steam cycle.
We get off a nice 25kW. Though this device does take 40kW to run. So we produce the power for 300 houses off regular water – no CO2, or hyper toxic uranium fission. It runs off regular water.
It produces no CO2. No toxic radioactive waste – and its attendant continental toxic death. In Fukishima/Tokyo we should put all cancer patients on a drip of IL-2&4, and the body's own immune system will clear all mutated cells – stopping cancers, heart disease and daibetes.
So Molecular Nuclear Fusion, turns regular water into massive power. And it needs a single pulse of power at 2,000V to start the plasma off – which then will maintain itself, at 4 atmosphere's.
The photo?  I thought it was pretty.

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