Thursday, 19 January 2017

Free petrol

Free petrol
We start off with 2 50x1cm steam plasma tubes at 4 atmo0sphres. They convert 7x10-20cc od regular water, int oa constant 2.4MW of clean, carbon free non polluting power.
1 H2O+TU ->E3+L+X-ray E=2.4MW see my other posts on steam plasma tubes. Jon's Text: A steam plasma is free heat
We use 1 to generate ½ MW of power. We want 45kW, we see the rest to the grid, at 3,000 UK pounds per kW Year.
The other we use to neat up CO2 to 350oC; we run a refrigeration cycle to condense the cO2 from the air. We then use the residual Carnot heat to boil off water – to form steam.
At pressure above 350oC CO2 and steam bond, to form methane and oxygen. At room temperature we are used to these gases bonding, above 350oC, they break apart.
2 CO2+2H2Os+E ->CH4+O2
So free natural gas: this has high value today, so we can pump it direct into the gas main. When burnt, it releases the CO2 taken in the previous day – so not net increase of CO2 – a carbon 0 natural gas.
But we can take it further. We pass down 8 Ti plated Al honeycombs, and we get out light fuel oil – C12-16. This is petrol and diesel.
The unreacted gas, we loop around. So the power, CO2 and steam are free – so we prodce massively cheap petrol and diesel. 10% of present inflated pump prices.
  are just criminals in my opinion.
We obviously use steam plasma tubes in place of Fossil Fuels burning. To get nearly free, carbon 0 power. Non toxic. Uranium nuclear power is so toxic it needs 100 billion of insurance cover for plant.
It has bought of its regulator – corporate crime. Nuclear power – most criminal industry ever.

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Jonathan Thomason said...

Cheap petrol and gas
In 1910, scientists worked out the Sabatier reaction.
1 CO2+2H2O+E+T->CH4+2O2 at 1 atmosphere
When we have low pressure gas, it burns with a sooty black flame. So we usually want 4 atmospheres. At 1 atmosphere and 370oC, we get the opposite reaction: the wonders of thermodynamics.
So we have a power plant (more on this later) with condenses CO2 out of the air. 0OC at ten atmospheres.
And we drill down to a magma chamber, over 10m down - all over the Earth. At 34m down, the steam comes up with gold powder – so we need a Dyson dry cleaner to seperate out the gold, platinum, silver and copper dust. Gold all over the Earth.
Gold is the 5th most abundamt element on Earth – but concentrated in the deep. Geothermal water brings it up. All over the world.
So we get out methane and oxygen at 360oC. We use a semipermeable membrane to separate these explosive gases – only Cu metal components until we have the gases separate.
They go through 2 turbines, to generate 580kW of power. We drive yet more Carnot systems to produce liquid oxygen.
The methane we pass down 8 layers of titanium honeycombs. And me polymerise the methane
2 CH4+(Ti)-+PO+T->CmHn n=m+2 m=16 for petrol, m=12 for diesel. We do not use up the Ti catalyst.
This is why we pressurise petrol and diesel before use – as it will not burn at low pressure. Diesel spontaneously combusts above 8 atmospheres. Petrol will diesel at 10 – and give out more energy.
So we get out methane – natural gas. We can sell, and when burnt, we get back to CO2 and H2O. And almost free petrol and diesel.
Bet done in tome – as plants turn extra CO2 into plant biomass within 5 minutes. So no Fossil Fuels extraction – that is just too expensive.
And making petrol from CO2 in the air makes it a 0 carbon fuel. Uranium fission needs oil above $100 a barrel to make money. Today it is below $50.