Thursday, 26 January 2017

Free gold

There are 570 million farmers in the world. They all set up for geothermal water extraction, and get free water, and 5 tonnes of gold a year.
That is 2.5 billion tonnes of gold – there is 477 billion tonnes in the deep. Global demand for gold is 2,000 tonnes a year. This is massive over supply. And price is inked to supply. ERGO the price of gold is 0. Not 3 million per tonne.


Jonathan Thomason said...

Cheap petrol and gas
In 1910, scientists worked out the Sabatier reaction.
1 CO2+2H2O+E+T->CH4+2O2 at 1 atmosphere
When we have low pressure gas, it burns with a sooty black flame. So we usually want 4 atmospheres. At 1 atmosphere and 370oC, we get the opposite reaction: the wonders of thermodynamics.
So we have a power plant (more on this later) with condenses CO2 out of the air. 0OC at ten atmospheres.
And we drill down to a magma chamber, over 10m down - all over the Earth. At 34m down, the steam comes up with gold powder – so we need a Dyson dry cleaner to seperate out the gold, platinum, silver and copper dust. Gold all over the Earth.
Gold is the 5th most abundamt element on Earth – but concentrated in the deep. Geothermal water brings it up. All over the world.
So we get out methane and oxygen at 360oC. We use a semipermeable membrane to separate these explosive gases – only Cu metal components until we have the gases separate.
They go through 2 turbines, to generate 580kW of power. We drive yet more Carnot systems to produce liquid oxygen.
The methane we pass down 8 layers of titanium honeycombs. And me polymerise the methane
2 CH4+(Ti)-+PO+T->CmHn n=m+2 m=16 for petrol, m=12 for diesel. We do not use up the Ti catalyst.
This is why we pressurise petrol and diesel before use – as it will not burn at low pressure. Diesel spontaneously combusts above 8 atmospheres. Petrol will diesel at 10 – and give out more energy.
So we get out methane – natural gas. We can sell, and when burnt, we get back to CO2 and H2O. And almost free petrol and diesel.
Bet done in tome – as plants turn extra CO2 into plant biomass within 5 minutes. So no Fossil Fuels extraction – that is just too expensive.
And making petrol from CO2 in the air makes it a 0 carbon fuel. Uranium fission needs oil above $100 a barrel to make money. Today it is below $50.

Jonathan Thomason said...

Free electricity
We are used to natural gas and air, burning to form CO2, steam and heat. But this is at high pressure and room temperature.
At above 350oC, and 1 atmosphere we get the opposite reaction. This is called the Sabatier reactioln – and was discovered in 1910.
1 CO2+3H2O->(CH4-E)+(He+2O2+E2+X-ray)
He and X-ray from H? We are doing nuclear fusion. The formation of methane takes in heat – that it gives out as it burns. The nuclear fusion we are doing gives out loads of heat.
So we use a steam plasma tube as a source of heat
2 H2O+TU ->E3+L+X-ray
So all the water molecule ends upo as heat, light and X-rays. A 50x12cm steam plasma tube at 4 amosphere gives out a constant 1.2MW, from 7x10-20cc of regular water a year – matter is a very dense form of energy.
So we cool CO2 out of the air. We boil off water using a 25x1cm steam plasma tube, and heat the gses to 370oC usinga 50x1cm stream plasma tube. In a reactor vessel, we get mehane and oxygen, we draw off these gases and separate using a semi permeable mebrane. We then cool the metahne down to below -28oC, and sell to natural gas users.
The oxygen we cool to liquid oxygen and sell – as there are loads of customers. The He was can cool, and sell to welding conpaniews – who want as much He as we can give them – it is worth more weight for weight, than gold.
The narural gas can be burnt, to produce nearly free electricity, And as it onlhy releases the CO2 used to form it yesterday, it is a carbon 0 fuel. To make money, nuclear power needs oil above $100 a barrel.
But they require insurance of 100 billion per plant. Not available, so all nuclear power is running illegally. Biggest corporate crime in history – they have bribed their regulators. They are illegal. Since 1984 – the year of Chernobyl.
So no academic is ethically allowed to get research funding from nuclear power for over 30 years – pay the money back. A shred all the fictional work on Global Warming. We can pass the methane through honey comb Ti catalysts, and get out free petrol and diesel.