Tuesday, 24 January 2017

CO2 doubles in an ice-age

Since photosynthesis evolved at the end of the Cretaceous, the global average CO2 is limited in photosynthesis on land and in the seas. Today to just2 parts per million.
In the Jurassic photosynthesis was less evolved, and it was 4ppm. If we tweak the genome of crops, to be batter at excreting O, photosynthesis will sinks CO2 to only 1ppm. Dumping O, the waste gas of plants is the process limiter.
Animal only evolved to eat plant bulk, and combine it with the oxygen wasted by plants
1 mCO2+O2+(n+r)H2O ->(Cm(H2O)-E)+r(He+O3+E2) plant carbon cycle
2 Cm(H2O)+pO2->(mCO2+(n-r)H2O-E)+r(He+O+O3+E2)
When we burn carbohydrates, we also do Molecular Nuclear Fusion – same equation.
If we fire up a steam plasma, we do Molecular Nuclear Fusion without carbon
3 H2O+O2+TU->He+2+O3+2+E2
How interesting carbon 0 heat. A 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmosphere releases 2.4MW. From 7x10-20cc of regular water a year. No Fossil Fuels burn. No CO2.
And we use the electrics from a fluorescent light to start off – then it runs unpowered.
No plutonium or strontium – and the intermittent toxic death of uranium fission. Nuclear power told me nuclear fusion killed their technology off.
Nature has been doing nuclear fusion on Earth in lightening strikes for 3.8 billion years. Visible light can only be produce by the nuclear fusion lightening does – as it produces 5 tonnes of helium gas – 2.5x1030W. For free. Every 3 minutes – set up by the chaotic down fall of rain or snow doing Molecular Nuclear Fusion – rain produces heat, x-rays and helium – of which there is no chemical source.
Uranium nuclear power is so toxic it needs 100 billion of insurance per plant: it has 50 million. So the national nuclear regulators have the legal imperative to issue immediate stop order 1984!
Nuclear power bought them off 10 years in jail for every plant, for every year of illegal operation. For the regulators and plant managers.

Incidentally, that is why plants an animals produce more energy than they get from their food – they are doing nuclear fusion.

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