Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Cancer drugs are criminal

The Moffitt used High Intensity UltraSound to totally clear cancer 2002. for all cancers – which share an inflated cell nature. Body cell experience ultrasound burns at higher power levels. As the cell does Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2O+US ->He+O+E2+X-ray source of the X-rays from scans
So in response to e.g. 8W 1MHz ultrasound for ½ a minute, cancer cells boil away – leaving the body cells in the organ largely unaffected: only bystander cells are damaged by the exploding cancer cells.
So all 20 types of cancer cleared 15 years ago – the work validated by every GP on Earth – who was under the legal duty to use the new medicine.
Not to do so was to be struck off, invalidating their health insurance – so medical practice became illegal. For ever.
HIUS to each side of the head for ½ a mintue clears all mental health problems – Al;zheimer's, MS, Parkinson's, schizophrenia.
Diserases biochemistry has no answer to. And never will have – as no Dr has been permiktted to work on biochemistry and cancer since 2002. Since 2013 for mental health problems – as I published their clearance using HIUS, on the open internet.
Down loaded, verified and illegally ignored by all Dr.s! Who were4 struck off, and insurance voided.
And the drug companies have black mailed Theresa may for 340 billion – mo9ney no dr can ever access – so neither can biochemistry.
Clearing mental health problems takes 1 use of a device that costs under 40 UK pounds. Confirmation - ask your GP. They all confirmed the work- or were struck off as they violated their Hippocratic oath.

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