Friday, 13 January 2017

Bribing Dr.s

Hippocrates realised that nobody would trust a Dr who was paid to medicate you. Yet in the US, Dr.s get paid commission on their medications. In the UK my friends at the British Council got this stopped – when I cured 1 from cancer, using High Intensity Ultrasound: they are a very senior court in the UK.
So all the Dr.s are retiring – as they can't get money from the drug companies. Who gave them subsidised family holidays or conferences – or latterly just gave the Dr money.
What happened here? A few people got sacked, and drug companies found other ways to slip money to medics.
I use 8W 1MHz ultrasound to cure even late stage inoperable liver cancer, in a single 1 minute of HIUS. The drug companies are livid – that is their income.
They do not heal – the kill the patients horribly in 2 years. But make loads of money.
Google '8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device', and the device will arrive in 5 days. And totally clear the cancer in 1 session.
Dr's have a 8W 3MHz device which also works – but they prefer biochemistry, to kill the patient at great expense.
These are horrible mass murderers. The same device will clear heart disease, diabetes, asthma, arthritis – see 'Jonathan Thomason'. On no account see a medic – they want to kill you at great expense – the least ethical people in history.
You trust your GP? How many of your friends and family have they delighted in killing? They could heal everybody – but where's the money in that.
They all knew and validated HIUS in 2002. Your next appointment ask them. Not to know is to cease to be a Dr 15 years ago. 'We don't use hIUS'. No – it is just the best medicine out there.

In the US, Dr.s don't use the best medicine – just that which pays them most money. No matter is is defective, criminal medicine.

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Jonathan Thomason said...

It is criminal we let drug companies bribe Drs. Into killing us.