Monday, 2 January 2017

Autoimmune disease

Are caused by a viral rump making inappropriate IL-2 – thanks to prof Weiner at Harvard for this insight.
As Dr MatZinger pointed out, tne human immune system samples fro the peptide over the enzyme ends, so it picks up on innate enzymes, made out of place.
Prion disease is caused by the inappropiate allotrope of an enyme being made in the brain – it is appropriate elsewhere.
So for autoimmune diseases supplemeental IL-4 make the targetteing antibody, the IL-2 then actions – to clear the autoimmune disease.
With prion diseases, IL-2&4 will make and action the specific antibody – as with cvnacers. Though all cancers share 6 antibodies – work done at Cambridge.

So we can produce pills to clear MS and lupus. Which is Nobel prize medicine.

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