Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Alternative Energy

The turbulence of a steam plasma convert free electrons and hydrogen nuclei into neutrons.
1 H++e- ->n0
These neutrons convert the oxygen nuclei into hydrogens, and oxygens
2 16O2++4n0 ->8H++2e-
And the hydrogens into free energy
3 H++r n0 ->Er3+L=X-ray
No slid waste, and 8 times the ennergy of uranium fission. And U nuclear power requires 100 billion per plant insurance – they do not have: nuclear power has been running under insured since 1984.
We use a regular glass tube – sat in water. Because the fire tubes in a steam engine did Molecular Nuclear Fusion, and reached 3000oC, and did not melt, due to the presence of a water bath.
So we use the pulse of current from a fluorescent light starter, than above 4 atmospheres it runs unpowered.
We can u8se the free power, to cooled CO2 from the air. We heat steam and the CO2 up to 350oC, and then we get the Sabatier reaction - Wikipedia

4 CO2+2H2O+E ->CH4+2O2
So the methane is natural gas. We can sell direct, or pass through a chain of Ti honeycomb catalysts, to get diesel and petrol.
This releases the CO2 it took to form the week before, so it counts as a carbon 0 fuel. We circulate the CO2 in the environment – we do not add to it.
Plants take in CO2 to grow, so photosynthesis on the land and sea have resulted in a pre-industiral 2 parts per million CO2 in the air: GW and CC nuclear fiction. Illegal nuclear power.

No academic could take money from, since 1984: give back the money, and delete the papers.

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Jonathan Thomason said...

Power that pays you
A 1m steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres. Strangely enough, the man-made Climate Change have been totally quite. As it is free, carbon 0, non toxic power. Uranium fission is none of these. Expensive, polluting toxic death. Each nuclear power plant requires insurance of 100 billion.
From 1984, it required insurance of 40 billion per plant. No insurance above 1 billion is commercially available. Without valid insurance, every nuclear power plant in the world, has been running illegally for 33 years.
A legal fine of 9 billion per plant. And the plant managers have a total of 330 years in jail – for every power plant. Nuclear power made up Global Warming, and bought off the regular – corporate criminality.
In the UK even the Queen obeys planning – the most toxic industry that will EVER exist must.
The world cooled from 1995 – so man-made Climate Change is nuclear speak for NATURAL GLOBAL COOLING.
The whole Global Warming thing was so stupid! 1976 (&1948) had 3 month of summer. The last 4 years, we have not even had 1 week.
Plants on the lad and seas take in CO2 to grow – down to 2 parts per million. Any extra carbon ends up as biomess within 5 minutes. So the daily extra 0.00004% CO2 has increased active life on Earth by 15% - the gas gets sucked out of the air every day. Down to a pre-industrial 2ppm.
Man-made Climate Change people say 'Check you figures!'. I reply 'Photosynthessi' and see the colour drain out of the face. 'But I am not a biologist' they protest.
'And yet you insists on talking about the carbon cycle – the life support system on Earth' I point out, as they run out through the nearest door.
That is why all academics lost interest in Global Warming in 2005: only a decade AFTER the world started cooling naturally.
CO2 levels rise only in a natural ice age. Or even today above the Poles. So COP2 is at 4ppm – and temperatures are no 80oC. The Jurassic had a 650 million year ice age with CO2 at 8ppm: and rememeber, gases do not evolve.