Tuesday, 27 June 2017

EDF bankrupt

Hinkley B ceased to have planning in 1990 – somebody owes a fine of 270 million, as the plant is still running.
Hinkley C tried to shoe-horn off Hinkley B, to avoid its own Royal commission. Sorry, all green field sites need their own Royal commission – and as Hinkley G no longer has planning, C in a green field.
So all construction work criminal! The army has to go in, stop construction, arest the workers and level the site. All new plants need their own planning, so Sizewell be never legal: another ¼ a billion fine. And ALL the pant managers die in jail.
The standard legal fine for abuse of planning, is the full plant cost – though it can never be legally built. So for trying to build Hinkley C, EDF get a fine of 18 billion. It does not have. So the fine goes up to the French government.
All 200 French nuclear plant need 130 million Euros of insurance. And have for the last 7 years. The legal fine is the total missing insured sum. Here 910 million Euros. Pay this fine, or all EDF power plants have to shut down.

The missing insurance of the UK power plant is 1.28 trillion – fine goes us to the EU, or MIF. And EDF is the most bankrupt company EVER.
 And of course, all British Nuclear is shut down – illegal!

IBM smugness

'Watson' an IT helper tells a wine grower to cut down on irrigation – according to satellite data. The guy had already decided in this action by the oversaturation of the soil.

So an IT program is advising an experienced artist, on the fine details of his art: Smug bastard.

Hinkley is an illegal site

Hinkley B lost planning permission 1990 – and can only be renewed by a full Royal commission. EDF tried to use ITS OWN ENGINEERS. This is legal rubbish – totally crimina.
So EDF are guilty of a planning crime here: open and shut. 250 million as a fine, and ALL the top managers DIE in jail.
The PM has no powers to approve a new nuclear site as an extension to a site outside planning. This is legal stupidity. Totally criminal.
Thwe government lawyers have the duty to throw such contracts out. So Margaret Thatcgher is guilty of planning abuse – but being dead is not going to be prosecuted.
But Theresa May is not dead. And has just tried to approve Hinkley C. But Hinkley B is 27 years outside legality, and Hinkley C needs it own Royal Commission.
So the army has the legal duty to demolish all ground works, and arrest al construction workers. And piece of paper signed by Theresa May has no legal validity – as EDF knew!
The Chinese pulled out, and there is no possible financial backer for a criminal concern. Every Euro poured into Hinkley, gone.

The government lawyers had the legal duty to stop the PM signing an invalid contract.

EDF barred from UK

After keeping Hinkley C running 27 years after its Royal Carter expired, EDF is barred FOR EVER from UK government construction projects.

Hinkley C is an illegal extension to an illegal plant: the British Army must arrest all construction workers, and demolish the ground works.
Après avoir gardé Hinkley C en cours d'exécution 27 ans après l'expiration de son contrat Royal Carter, EDF est interdit TOUTES les projets de construction du gouvernement britannique.
Hinkley C est une extension illégale d'une usine illégale: l'armée britannique doit arrêter tous les travailleurs de la construction et démolir les travaux au sol.

Carbon 0 power

Carbon 0 power
A 25x1cm steam plasma at 4 atmospheres will produce 144kW through a thermoelectric generator. And automotive thermoelectric generators are available over the internet.
This will produce 77kW of DC. We use power electronics to turn into speed linked AC. So 1x10-17cc of regular water will drive a super car for a year. We fly between cities.
The system can be retro fitted to aged cars. Hopefully Elron Musk is working on a carbon 0 car – as this is this thing.
2 1mx2cm steam plasma tubes will generate 1MW. This gives an annual income of 3 million (I can't believe it is 30 million). Again through a commercially sourced thermoelectric generator, or a steam turbine.
We run the thermoelectric generator for a year, until we can afford the turbine. Then we sell on the thermoelectric generator.
Carbon 0 power – that pays. 1 in 800 people needs such a system, and the world goes carbon 0. Which is not going to do much for the price of oil. Again Elron Musk can make a nice business here.
And end up being a trillionaire. This will destroy the business of nuclear power.
Hinkley B lost planning in 1990 – and without a new Royal commission, is an illegal plant. So Hinkley C is an illegal extension to an illegal plant. The army MUST go in an arrest all construction workers, and demolish the ground works.
EDF does not have the 18 billion to build Hinkley C, and the Chinese have walked way from Hinkley C for good. No other funder would be stupid enough to invest money in a plant due for demolition.


Monday, 26 June 2017

Demolish Hinkley C

Hinkley B's operating license expired 1990: the regulator had the legal duty to enforce an immediate stop order – 27 years ago. They didn't, because of a serious bribe from British Nuclear. So Hinkley B should not be operating today.
British Nuclear have tried to hive off Hinkley C as an extension to Hinkley B: this is a misuse of planning law – totally illegal.
Hinkley B does NOT have planning consent itself. So the army has the legal duty to go in and arrest all construction workers, and demolish the ground works. And enforce an immediate stop order on Hinkley B. All the government lawyers who permitted this illegality, go on criminal trial.
They never should have allowed Theresa May to sign an illegal contract. So the Chinese had already backed off, and EDF do not have the 18 billion Hinkley C will take to build.

No insurance above 1 billion is available, and without annual insurance of 100 billion, the plant can never start. So the UK government will never pay for it.

EDF bungs UK parliament

Sizewell A sprang a leak and was demolished in 2006. Sizewell B never had its own Royal Commission, so was always an illegal structure. How much was Margaret Thatcher bunged by British Nuclear?
Hinkley B had planning until 1990: at which point it needed a new Royal Commission, or be levelled to the ground. Hinkley B still operating ILLEGALLY.
Government lawyers should have told Theresa May this – but million of pounds came from EDF to ensure this did not happen. EDF bunged the regulator – corporate crime.
The PM only has the powers for small safety additions to nuclear plants. Building another plant is abuse of planning – totally illegal. Again I believe cash changed hands – this is up to the police to establish.
But Sizewell B was always an illegal structure. Sizewell B got retrospective planning – WITHUOT a Royal Commission. Sorry not valid – Royal Commission or send in the army to shut down the plant and arrest the plant mangers.
So Hinkley B was an illegal structure for 27 years. No internal engineering inspection has any legal validity. Again send in the army to stop the plant, and arrest the managers.
So Theresa May has no legal authority to approve Hinkley C. Only a full Royal Commission could do that. And after Chernobyl and Fukishima the answer is 'HELL NO!'
The insurance for all nuclear power plants after Chernobyl was 40 billion. No insurance above 1 billion available. So ALL nuclear power plants illegal since 1984.
The army has the task of stopping building work on Hinkley C. Demolishing the ground works, and arresting the builders, and EDF staff.
So Sizewell B NEVER a legal structure. Use a 50x1cm steam plasma tube. At 4 atmospheres this does a plasma burn
1 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray E3=2.4MW from 2x10-17cc of regular water a year.
A thermoelectric pad will generate 144kW of mains power. The carbon 0 power for 800 houses. The concrete factories around Hinkley, make nuclear power the 4th biggest source of CO2 in the world.
Nuclear Fusion By WaterfallBy Jonathan M Thomason
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The global climate has been cooling for 21 years. Only another 7, until it warms again NATURALLY. URANIUM NUCLEAR POWER 4th BIGGEST SOURCE OF CO2 IN THE WORLD.

How big was Labour bung?

Tower blocks from the 50s, 60s and 70s were uneconomic to upgrade to modern fire standards. So the multi-millionaire block owners bunged the Labour party: this is criminal. Jeremy Corbyn knew about, and approved these million pound payments.

Labour packed the boards of directors with Labour councillors, who approved the tinderbox cladding of tower blocks. Using thermal cladding illegal in the US, Germany AND the UK.
As the Grenfell tower blaze shows, with fatal consequences. Fires in Dubai using the same cladding April 2016 got a global ban on polyurethane cladding.
But board of Labour dominated tower block directors approved such fatal engineering. In exchange for payments to Labour. These are criminal bungs.
Jeremy Corbyn is now ban ned from the house of Commons, while the criminal enquiry continues. So is Emma Coad, and other MPs who served on tower block director boards, since the 1980s.
So 600 tower blocks have been fitted with Labour tinderboxes. And the Police will discover the bungs, if the scrutinise Labour published accounts.

Mineral fibber panels were 2 UK pounds dearer: that is how much British lives are worth to the Labour party £2. Manslaughter charges will follow against tower block owners, and Labour party members.

Jeremy Corbyn caused Grenfell

Jeremy should have ensured all Labour councillors took advice from the fire service about tower block cladding. They would have told the tower block directors, that ployurethan cladding panels were illegal in the US, Germany and the UK below 80 feet.
So like 9 Archers in Salford, they would have used mineral fibber panels. Fire alarms, extinguishers and sprinklers would have been fitted to all tower blocks – as is standard in the US.
Not to insist on this was legally negligent. And the tower block directors and building owners would have ended up on coporate manslaughter charges.
Included Emma Coad MP – the MP for Kinsington. Who is now banned from the House of commons. As is Jeremy Corbym – as his lack of action is tantamount criminal.
I have offered the Labour MPs and councillors to help with a fire audit in Salford: on an expenses only basis – so nearly free.

Rebeccas Long Bailey MP, and the Labour councillors have yet to take me up on this offer. I used to do fire safety in engineering.

Sunday, 25 June 2017

AIDs cued 2012

That year I put out that High-Intensity UltraSound cued all viruses – which medics had found. It even cured all cancers. A friend in new York confirmed it with AIDs for me.
So all Dr.s bought a 8W 3MHz device and confirmed the medical paper – or ceased to be Dr.s. They had to confirm the cancer work 2002.
So all cancer drug prescriptions since then have been defective, criminal medicine for 15 years: all the GPs struck off. Medical practice then criminal. No wages or pension. No drug firm allowed to make and sell cancer drugs – or excluded from medicine for ever.
And every practising Dr has promised to strike themselves off is they EVER used defective medicine. But the have fro 15 years – killing ½ a billion patients. 1/8th of the global population – and yet they all still practice medicine. 'Your killer will see you now' says the practice secretary.
½ a minute of 8W 1MHz ulktrasound to each side of the chest totally clears HIV/AIDS in 1 application.
Cheap CE Ultrasonic Best Skin Rejuvenation Green Skin Rejuvenation
And Dr.s have the High-Intensity UltraSound device at hand. So they can clear all cancers and AIDs – 1 appointment. So you get cured, and then get back 15 years of spurious medical expenses.
Families get 10 million for every relative killed. And the Dr gets 25 years in jail. And barred from medicine for life. Which the Dr will serve out in high security prison anyway.
Ultrasound - cancer cureBy Jonathan M Thomason
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Highly intensity ultrasound 8W 1 MHz applied externally just once will cure all the diseases of age!
Go ask your GP for your money back, and total cure tomorrow. Make his/her day.

Hinkley – illegal build

Hinkley B's planning consent expired 1990. There has been no Royal commission to renew it: so Hinkley B must STOP – 27 years ago.
Fines of 10 million every illegal year. The managers get ten years in jail. Hinkley C seeks to be an extension of Hinkley B. It is NOT. It is a self contained power plant. This i an abuse of planning – criminal!
The Army has the legal duty to move in and stop the build. Imprison the workers, and demolish this illegal build.
Sizewell B was also illegal! Sizewell A demolished 2006, Sizewell B NEVER had planning. Chernobyl happened as it was being built. So it needed insurance of 40 billion from 1986-2010: It never had it, as no such insurance is available.
2010 Fukishima raised the insurance to 100 billion – for every operating nuclear plant in the world. So all nuclear power illegal.
Hinkley can never get the required insurance to start – so it never will, Which means the UK govenment would never have paid for the plant.
But as it lacks legal consent from a Royal commission, the build must stop instantly. It is an illegal build. All workers are instantly criminals.

EDF is NOT a fit company, so is barred from UK government contacts for ever. Any consortium with EDF in is also banned.

'Christie' cancer cure

The Christie cancer Hospital sued, to punish parents for taking their child over to America, and getting her CURED of cancer, using proton beam therapy. They lost. The family got costs. If she had stayed in the UK, should would have been given cancer drugs, and died within 2 years in agony.
A proton gun is not hard to make. You have a glass tube filled with hydrogen, And you strike up a plasma using the electronics from a fluorescent light.
Off one end, you draw off hydrogen nuclei -p+n0. OK so a neutron comes along for the ride – this is good. We pass then into a fire tube, we apply a magnetic field to. To shoot out a stream of protons(and neutrons).
These pass right trough a human body – except when they hit a cancer cell. They do Molecular Nuclear Fusion
1 H2Op+p+n0 ->3He+O+E2+X-ray the 3He decays into more heat.
So just the cancer cells boil – any cancer cell. It pops, and induces an immune action to clear the cancer cell type.
An 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device is easier – and the Moffitt published High-Intensity UltraSound curing cancers 2002.
Facial Body Skin Cleaner Beauty Ultrasound 1MHz Ultrasonic Beauty Massage Device

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2 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
All Dr.s bought a 8W 3MHz ultrasound device and proved this science. Then carried on prescribing cancer drugs, and saw their patients die in agony with 2 years.

Easiest and cheapest cancer cure – external use of the ultrasound massage device, for under 1 minute.

Cheap cancer cure

A 8W 1MHz ultrasound massage device – clear all cancers in under 1 minute. Proved by all Dr.s 15 years ago. Biochemistry then became defective, criminal medicine.

1Mhz Ultrasonic Skin Care Facial Cleaner Body Slim Massage Ultrasound Therapy w

Medics use biochemistry etc. to kill ½ a billion patietns around the world – 1/8th of the human population. Dr.s are the worst multiple killers in history.
Two parents took their daughter over to the US for proton beam surgery. They came back with her heeled, and the Christie sued and lost! So the Christie invested in a Cyclotron. Pretty stupid! Massively over expensive physical equipment they are not insured to use. Nobody in the world is.
The human use was never tested and licensed. You have to sign an insurance waiver in the US. The above ultrasound device is High-Intensity UltraSound - medically proved 2002: and confirmed by ever Dr on Earth. OK we get proton bonded to a neutron: who cares?
So you want a proton gun? Fire up a steam plasma, and use an electrical field to separate the protons and electrons. The device cost 50 UK pounds, and pence to run.
We separate off the particles, and shoot the protons at a person. The protons bounce off regular cells – we only want 5V as the motive force. Use the High-Intensity UltraSound device – I confirmed it was effective in 2013.
Medics have approved it for home use – no Dr or nurse. The cancer primary cells pop, as they boil.
1 H2Op+US->He+O+E2+X-ray
2 H2Op+p+->He+O++E2+X-ray
Cancer cells have to be pressurised in order to divide and grow. Body cells bud off the stem cells, and are more flaccid.
As the cancer cells pop, the immune system make the active antibody to that novel cell type – and clears the cancer from the body.
There are 6 common antibodies to ALL cancers. So a H plasma tube, and electron gun, and you have an effective proton gun.
And as the Christie now concedes, this will clear all cancers. As will High-Intensity UltraSound, and the devices are cheap and designed for home use. And very, very cheap.
So for 15 years, all Dr.s or Consultants prescribing cancer drugs has broken their Hippocratic oath. Cancer drugs are defective, criminal medicine.
They strike themselves off, and must return 15 years wages, and get no pension. So all cancers totally cured at 1 session, using a sub $30 beauty device. As published by 3 medical professors at the Moffitt 2002.

The Moffitt has sacked them, and gone back to defective cancer drugs. You so don't need a Cyclotron. Which is lucky, as no hospital is licensed to use one. And you have no reason ever to visit the Christie. Who still prescribe biochemical death.
 10 million fine, and 25 years in jail for each patient murdered with cancer drugs.

Biggest legal crime

Every nuclear plant built in the UK, needs a Royal Commission – since the Windscale incident. 1984 Margaret Thatcher tried to get around this, by approving an extension to Sizewell A – that was a complete power station.
This is criminal manipulation of the planning laws. So Sizewell b never had planning. Fines if 25 million and 10 years in jail for the plant managers for ever illegal year apply.
And the plant went live after the Chernobyl incident 1986. From when insurance of 40 billion per year for nuclear plant operation apply. Every British Nuclear plant became illegal – and should have shut down.
So Japan nuclear experienced Fukishima, and Germany and Japan banned nuclear power. So EDF got its own managers to give a life extension on all 20 UK nuclear plants – this is NOT legal. A new Royal commission is required. This is on the statute book. As prince Charles emailed me.
So they tried to get Hinkley C as an extension to Hinkley A – who's planning expired 1990, and was only operating because of huge bungs to the regulator.
So Hinkley C is illegal – an abuse of planning. It is like you getting a conservatory, because you neighbours have a duck pong they filled in 27 years ago.

The answer is obvious: send in the army. They must demolish the ground work, and take all the builders into legal custody. All work on the plant illegal. EDF are legally tied to this illegality.

Hinkley C NOT legal

Theresa May was given a huge bung to approve this nuclear plant. But it is outside of her powers. A new nuclear plant would require a full Royal Commission.
Hinkley B ceased to be a legal plant as its planning consent ran out in 1990. EDF thought 'Well get OUR OWN ENGINEERS to extend planning'. This is stupid.
The only people who could have extended its life was a full Royal Commission. As Fukishima demonstrated 2010, aged nuclear plants are basically worn out, and will fail.
Margaret Thatcher approved Sizewell B as an extension is Sizewell A. This is abuse of planning – basically ILLEGAL. Sizewell A was demolished 2006, as it started leaking. And look its expired planning consent with it.
Sizewell B NEVER HAD PLANNING. No Royal consent – so Sizewell B should never have started. Why did it?
Because of a nuclear bung. So how much money was Theresa paid? Hinkley C has no legal status. It lacks a Royal Commission. EDF are a French company – who do not understand the concept.
It means the UK army will go in an demolish the ground works, and close down the site. Arresting all the EDF managers.
Consenting to a new plant is outside the PM's powers. As government lawyers are aware. So construction work, and with it 25 years of carbon emissions in 2 years, has to stop.
It is an illegal construction. Sizewell was built just as Chernobyl happened.
So to operate it needed 40 billion of insurance. I carried just 50 million. So it was instantly an illegal plant – and the power station regular should have refused it operating consent.
Fines of 40 billion a year until Fukishima are due. Which happened 2010. Then insurance of 100 billion a year are appropriate. There is no insurance above 1 billion available.
So ever nuclear power plant in the world, is operating illegally – totally under-insured. 0.05% of the required insurance. It is like you driving a car with 40 UK pence insurance, when 850 pounds is LEGALLY REQUIRED.
So Theresa had no legal powers to approve a new nuclear plant. Hinkley C is NOT an extension to a plant who's planning ran out 27 years ago.
It is a Green Field site. Which mean SEND IN THE ARMY, to arrest all construction workers, and demolish the ground works.

For Carbon 0 power, we want the safe and free molecular nuclear fusion. Google my papers – or buy my book.

British Nuclear ILLEGAL

The Magnox stations in Scotland only has planning until the 1980s. So they shut down, EDF paid some bungs to the nuclear regulator, and they restarted. This is criminal.
Hinkley B had planning until 1990. No Royal Commission has been held since – each only last 25 years. So for the last 27 years Hinkley B has been illegal. 25 million and ten years jail for each illegal year.
Sizewell A was extended by Margaret Thatcher 1984. By building Sizewell B: so it is an illegal extension – Margaret Thatcher could only extend the existing plant. New plants need their own Royal Commission. So Sizewell B has never been a legal structure. Same fine and jail term appropriate.
So Hinkley B SHOULD have stopped 1990. A life extension only legal with its own new Royal Commission.
So Theresa May PM was advised by government lawyers, should could approve Hinkley C as an extension to Hinkley B: which should have stopped 27 years ago. She could not – illegal. All work should stop, and ground works demolished.
Sizewell A demolished as it started leaking 2006: that is why nuclear plants only are given 25 years operating life.
After Chernobyl every nuclear plant in the world needed insurance cover of 40 billion. Without this insurance. The plants must stop. Which takes 3 days.
No insurance over 1 billion available. After Fukishima the required insurance rose to 100 billion. So all British Nuclear, and global nuclear plants illegal.
A 50x1cm steam plasma tube at 4 atmospheres generates a plasma burn:
1 H2O+PL->E3+L+X-ray E3=2.4MW of carbon 0 power.
Present nuclear power is the world's 4th biggest source of CO2. So Hinkley C would release 25 years of CO2 in 2 years – but of course, the army has the legal duty to demolish this incomplete, illegal structure.
So my plasma tube will generate 144kW of free power, through a thermoelectric mains generator. Basically free power. From 2x10-17cc of regular water a decade.
Which explains why we should not measure the water consumption from Molecular Nuclear Fusion in 2001 – at Sheffield University.
Hence EDF got Theresa May to sign an illegal document committing the UK government to buying the power at 30 billion. Thrown out by the financial scrutiny body. So the contract is now void.
Nuclear Fusion By WaterfallBy Jonathan M Thomason
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And the army must imprison all the builders at Hinkley. AS they demolish the ground works.

EDF criminal

All 200 French Pressurised Water Reactors require insurance of 100 billion per plant. British Nuclear needs the same insurance cover for the 20 UK reactors.
None of them has the required insurance. So all are operating out side their planning consent in the UK: I resume also in France. Every French person is carrying the insurance – though EDF is a private company
So EDF if reliant on 200 trillion of insurance from the French tax payer. British Nuclear is reliant on 20 trillion of free insurance, for 19 plants operating outside of planning.
So EDF in France receives more free insurance, than the total economic value of he planet.
Sizewell B NEVER had its own planning consent – that would have required a Royal Commission costing ¼ of a billion pounds. The lack of valid insurance is an automatic fail on day 1.
The massive CO2 production to build the plant is another automatic ail, Lack of adequate storage space for the toxic waste another fail. Failure to include the 18 billion decommissioning cost of the nuclear plant is another fail.
And with Sizewell there was no automatic purchase of the power. With valid insurance this is over 2,000 UK pounds per kW hour. Fossil Fuels prices are crashing, so its power is under 6p per kW hour.
Then we get to a steam plasma tube, which generates power at 0.002p per kW hour – with no toxic waste.
So Sizewell B NEVER legal. The insurance fine if 40 billion per year, until 2010 and Fukishima, when the insurance rose to 100 billion a year: no insurance above 1 billion available.
So EDF owes the French tax payer 200 trillion – more than the value of the Earth. It owes the UK tax payer 20 trillion – it does not have.
And more importantly, until it pays that money, is BANNED from UK government contracts. Hinkley B is outside of planning, Hinkley C can't piggy back on this invalid plant. It needs its own Royal commission. And there are now so many reason planning would be refused.
Without planning, the UK army must move into the construction site, imprison the builders, and destroy the ground works.
Margaret Thatcher never had legal authority to approve Sizewell – that required a Royal commission. So every year Sizewell has operated, has been illegal. Fines of 25 million a year apply for the last 37 years. And the plant managers get 10 years in jail for every illegal year.

Theresa May did not have legal authority to approve Hinkley C. This is a green field site, requiring its own Royal Commission, and valid insurance – not available.  It means EDF owes EVERY French citizen 25 million Euros – in an open and shut legal case. Get your free money now.  Every UK citizen ONLY gets 2 million each from EDF. And Hinkley can never be built – such an illegal structure.
No nuclear plant can ever be built in Australia.
Tous les 200 réacteurs français à eau pressurisée nécessitent une assurance de 100 milliards par plante. British Nuclear a besoin de la même couverture d'assurance pour les 20 réacteurs britanniques.
Aucun d'eux n'a l'assurance requise. Donc, tous fonctionnent en dehors de leur consentement de planification au Royaume-Uni: je reprends aussi en France. Chaque Français porte l'assurance - bien que EDF soit une entreprise privée
Ainsi, EDF dépend de 200 billions d'assurance du contribuable français. British Nuclear dépend de 20 trillions d'assurance gratuite, pour 19 usines en dehors de la planification.
Ainsi, EDF en France reçoit plus d'assurance gratuite que la valeur économique totale de la planète.
Sizewell B NON avait son propre consentement à la planification - cela aurait exigé une commission royale qui coûte ¼ de milliard de livres. Le manque d'assurance valide est une panne automatique au jour 1.
La production massive de CO2 pour construire la plante est autrement automatique, le manque d'espace de stockage adéquat pour les déchets toxiques est un autre échec. Le fait de ne pas inclure les 18 milliards de coûts de déclassement de la centrale nucléaire est un autre échec.
Et avec Sizewell, il n'y avait pas d'achat automatique de la puissance. Avec une assurance valide, il s'agit de plus de 2 000 livres sterling par kW-heure. Les prix des combustibles fossiles s'écrasent, donc sa puissance est inférieure à 6p par heure.
Ensuite, nous arrivons à un tube à plasma à vapeur, qui génère de l'énergie à 0.002p par kW-heure - sans déchets toxiques.
Donc Sizewell B JAMAIS juridique. L'amende de l'assurance si 40 milliards par année, jusqu'en 2010 et Fukishima, lorsque l'assurance est passée à 100 milliards par an: aucune assurance ne dépasse 1 milliard.
Donc, EDF doit au contribuable français 200 trillions - plus que la valeur de la Terre. Il doit le contribuable britannique 20 trillions - il n'a pas.
Et plus important encore, jusqu'à ce qu'il paie cet argent, il est PROVOQUÉ des contrats du gouvernement du Royaume-Uni. Hinkley B est en dehors de la planification, Hinkley C ne peut pas repasser sur cette plante invalide. Il a besoin de sa propre commission royale. Et il y a maintenant tellement de raisons que la planification serait refusée.
Sans planification, l'armée britannique doit s'installer dans le chantier de construction, emprisonner les constructeurs et détruire les travaux au sol.
Margaret Thatcher n'a jamais eu le pouvoir légal d'approuver Sizewell - cela nécessitait une commission royale. Ainsi, chaque année, Sizewell a fonctionné, a été illégal. Des amendes de 25 millions par an s'appliquent pour les 37 dernières années. Et les responsables de l'usine ont 10 ans de prison pour chaque année illégale.
Theresa May n'a pas eu le pouvoir légal d'approuver Hinkley C. Il s'agit d'un site de terrain vert, nécessitant sa propre Commission royale et une assurance valide - non disponible. Cela signifie que EDF doit à tous les citoyens français 25 millions d'euros - dans un cas juridique ouvert et fermé. Obtenez votre argent gratuit maintenant.  Chaque citoyen britannique reçoit SEULEMENT 2 millions chacun d'EDF. Et Hinkley ne peut jamais être construit - une structure aussi illégale.
Aucune centrale nucléaire ne peut jamais être construite en Australie.

Saturday, 24 June 2017

UK never pays for Hinkley

Hinkley B's planning consent ended in 1990. For a fine of 10 million, and 10 years in jail for each plant manager, for the last 27 years.
Theresa May could not consent for Hinkley C: only a full royal commission could, She can only consent to additions to Hinkley B – no Hinkley C. So all construction work is illegal.
The army should go in, and demolish all ILLEGLAL ground work. And all ground works are illegal. Hinkley C is a basic abuse of planning. The government lawyers should have stepped in! They didn't because of serious bungs.
No Hinkley C could ever start up without sufficient insurance. After Fukishima this is 100 billion per year. No insurance available above 1 billion. Generated power would be £3000 per kW hour.
No valid insurance, and the UK never pays for the plant: read the contract Theresa May signed: no operating license, we don't pay. She did not have the required legal authority to sign anything.
Consenting to the plant was outside her powers. EDF ploughed ahead, believing that these 'problems' could be sorted out. That's the problem with EDF, they are French, with Chinese partners. Neither country has the planning constraints of the UK.
An illegal construction, the army has the legal imperative to destroy it: they have to go in and demolish the ground works, and take the managers into legal, life time custody. My M.Eng covered legal large plant construction.
That is why no UK firm was interested in British Nuclear. No plant construction without a full Royal Commission. The French killed there Royal family, as did the Chinese.
So Hinkley B should have STOPPED in 1990, as its planning expired. No life extension, without a new Royal Commission, and independent plant inspection.
Sizewell B has been illegal since Chernobyl, when it could not buy the 40 billion annual inspection.
So every year since 1984, 2 years BEFORE the plant started, Sizewell B was illegal. Hinkley B, illegal since 1990. Sizewell NEVER legal.
So Hinkley C is an illegal extension to a plant who's planning consent ran out 27 years ago. EDF should take legal advice.
One court case by GreenPeace, and all the senior managers at EDF die in jail – and of course, the ground works are already due for demolition by the army. Who don't bribe. I am staggered that the UK radiation regulator has been so easily bribed – only costing 50 million: small change to British Nuclear.
Totally illegal. British nuclear AND the regulator die in jail. Thanks to Sheffield University for this corporate law, 1984. Don't EDF employ ANY lawyers?

18 billion to construct Hinkley C? I don't think so. The army will be there on Monday to stop ALL construction.

Flat fire safety

I am offering to do a fire audit in Salford – this was part of my job in engineering. It appears builders of high rise buildings fitted cheaper thermal lagging – around tower blocks from the 1970s, that were uneconomic to upgrade to modern fire standards.
The cheaper option might have been to pull them down, but builders saw how fitting defective thermal insulation etc., could make them money. Though risk killing flat renters.
And they didn't bother fitting the fire extinguishers and alarms to kitchen and laundry areas – standard practice in the US.
The polystyrene panels were only legal in the UK – above 80 feet: after fires destroyed tower blocks in Dubai, April 2016.
So tenants paid for refurbishments, that were potentially lethal. 600 tower blocks in the UK have ridden their luck – Grenfells was just very unlucky – but it was an accident waiting to happen.
The police are very interested, as the builders acted in a criminal fashion – and will be up on manslaughter charges.
The Ordsall Tower block is called 9 Achers. 17 stories. The first 80 feet potentially clad with polystyrene panels.
I do loads of other stuff, but have time for a fire audit. I might even put my other things on hold, while I work on saving lives. It is crucial work.
So the builders – multi millionaires, who wanted to save £2 a panel and killed 75 people in a horrible way. As shocking as the Twin Towers in NY. I phoned my friends up in DC, and she was being evacuated – as they hit the Pentagon, the next building to her.

Hinkley - so ILLEGAL

Hinkley B had planning consent until 1990. EDF used ITS OWN ENGINEERS to extend planning – this is illegal. Only possible with a full Royal Commission.
Hinkley C is an illegal extension to an illegal plant. Theresa May does not have to legal powers to authorise such a construction.
Only a FULL Royal Commission can do that. So the British army HAS TO DEMOLISH the existing ground works, and take the site managers into permanent detention – pending a full criminal trial: note, if I was a manager, time to move to Argentina. Otherwise you will die in jail.
Every year of illegal operation fine British Nuclear 10 million (1983 values – 4 billion today). ¼ of a billion (1448 billion 2017 values).
Even the Queen obeys planning. Nuclear has bunged the regulator and lawyers: and yes lawyers can be bribed.

So Hinkley Point should not have an operating nuclear plant for 27 years.  Incidentally, the concrete plants have fired up – to release 25 years of CO2 emission in 2 years. Nuclear power, 4th biggest source of CO2 in the world.
Hinkley B avait son consentement jusqu'à 1990. EDF a utilisé ses propres ingénieurs pour étendre la planification - ce qui est illégal. Seulement possible avec une Commission royale complète.
Hinkley C est une extension illégale d'une usine illégale. Theresa May n'a pas de pouvoirs juridiques pour autoriser une telle construction.
Seule une Commission royale complète peut le faire. Donc, l'armée britannique doit DEMOMBLER les travaux de terrain existants et prendre les responsables du site en détention permanente - en attendant un procès criminel complet: notez, si j'étais directeur, le temps de déménager en Argentine. Sinon, vous mourrez en prison.
Chaque année d'opération illégale, British Nuclear 10 millions (valeurs de 1983 - 4 milliards aujourd'hui). ¼ de milliard (1448 milliards de valeurs 2017).
Même la Reine obéit à la planification. Le nucléaire a bloqué le régulateur et les avocats: et oui, les avocats peuvent être soudoyés.

Donc, Hinkley Point ne devrait pas avoir une centrale nucléaire en exploitation depuis 27 ans. Par ailleurs, les plantes en béton ont été incendiées - pour libérer 25 ans d'émission de CO2 en 2 ans. L'énergie nucléaire, 4ème source de CO2 au monde.

Nuclear plant decommissioning costs

The subject of my 1983 engineering 1st year university essay. In the UK decommissioning costs are £3 billion annually. For a minimum of 6 years. Hinkley point ceased to have legal planning in 1990.
Every year of illegal operation fines British nuclear 10 million. For 25 years. Over ¼ of a billion pounds.
So it may actually cost more to decommission Hinkley C than build it. But it can't legally be built – it is an illegal structure. The Army has the legal imperative to go and demolish the ground works, and expel the construction workers.
So Theresa May WANTED to give 30 billion in subsidies. So the nuclear industry wants to spend 18 billion to build a plant, get 30 billion in subsides, and then spend more than 18 billion demolishing it.
Hinkley B should have STOPPED 1990. So Hinkley C could only procede after a Royal commission. After Fukishima it would say 'Hell no!'
Day 1 they would be asked for their 100 billion insurance – and not have it. There is no commercial insurance above 1 billion.
Required by every operating nuclear plant. So all 20 UK nuclear plants illegal – and the power station regulator will force immediate stop orders. On all nuclear plants.
All are outside planning – except Sizewell B, which is an illegal extension to Sizewell A, demolished 2006. So Sizewell B NEVER LEGAL. 1/3rd of a billion in fines, and the plant managers spend the next 330 years in high-security jail.
I repeat: because nuclear people are a bit slow of thinking. Hinkley ceased to have planning consent 1990. The Army has the legal imperative to demolish all ground works and expel all construction workers.

Incidentally, I got an 'A' for my essay. Bid documents are only legal with decommissioning costs taken into account, with valid insurance cover.

Hinkley - totally criminal

Theresa May MP does not have the legal authority to approve Hinkley C – that requires a full Royal Commission. That will cost 100 million and reject the new nuclear plant.
It would require annual insurance of 100 billion. No insurance above 1 billion available – and it would make the power the dearest generated – 1000 UK pounds per kW hour.
Margret Thatcher approved Sizewell B with a 100 seat majority. She never had again.
Sizewell B is an illegal extension to Sizewell A – demolished in 2006, as the plant started leaking. Sizewell B never got its own planning permission – again a 100 million public enquiry is required. Never held! So Sizewell B illegal.
Hinkley B had planning until 1990! I pointed this out, and in 2010 EDF got its own engineers to certify the plant as safe. The British Council described this as 'legally unsafe'. Legal speak for totally illegal.
And so for 20 years Hinkley has absolutely no planning – and for 7 it has had no legal planning.
So Theresa May could not authorise anything more than minor extensions. She could not consent to a whole new plant being built.
Only a Royal Commission could do that – as prince Charles personally emailed me. So Hinkley must STEP 27 years ago. Every year of illegal operation gives a 10 million fine – at 1984 prices: the last time I saw the power plant regulator.

And the plant managers get 10 years in jail for every year of illegal operation: 370 years in total.
All construction of Hinkley C illegal – the army has the legal imperative to close down the site, and demolish all ground works. Jail time shared by EDF and the new Chinese plant owners.
The worst purchase in corporate history. Hinkley has proceded so far, due to massive bungs from British Nuclear, to the nuclear power regulator.

Making flats safe Is simple and cheap. The use of Aluminium and polyurethane c,ladding panels was criminal! After the Dubai fires of 2016, they were illegal in the US, Germany AND THE UK. We can take them off, and replace them with mineral fibre panel – only 2 UK pounds dearer. We should them follow the US, and install full fire alarms, install fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems in cooking or laundry areas. This is such basic fire prevention: builders who did not do this, are on a manslaughter charge. The MOSTLY Labour tower directors, were legally negligent in approving such panels. The fire service would have been happy to give a presentation to the directors. This means the corporate illegality goes up to Jeremy Corbyn – the councillors line boss. So he knew such panels were illegal – and should have blocked their use in 600 tower blocks. Directors get commensurate jail terms, Jeremy get 10 years for year tower block – 6000 years in jail. And eh is banned from politics and the House of Commons for life. As are the Labour MPs, who served as tower block directors when cladding was approved. Even being a tower director now is immediate expulsion from politics for life.

Is simple and cheap. The use of Aluminium and polyurethane c,ladding panels was criminal! After the Dubai fires of 2016, they were illegal in the US, Germany AND THE UK.
We can take them off, and replace them with mineral fibre panel – only 2 UK pounds dearer. We should them follow the US, and install full fire alarms, install fire extinguishers, and sprinkler systems in cooking or laundry areas.

This is such basic fire prevention: builders who did not do this, are on a manslaughter charge.
The MOSTLY Labour tower directors, were legally negligent in approving such panels. The fire service would have been happy to give a presentation to the directors.
This means the corporate illegality goes up to Jeremy Corbyn – the councillors line boss. So he knew such panels were illegal – and should have blocked their use in 600 tower blocks.
Directors get commensurate jail terms, Jeremy get 10 years for year tower block – 6000 years in jail. And eh is banned from politics and the House of Commons for life.

As are the Labour MPs, who served as tower block directors when cladding was approved. Even being a tower director now is immediate expulsion from politics for life.