Sunday, 18 December 2016

Unlimited wealth

 The Earth's core is a molten sphere of metals – gold, silver, platinum, copper, lead, iron and arsenic among others.
High temperature, high pressure water will dissolve them all – even gold and platinum. If you have a handy lump of gold, and are very stupid, you can check this in the lab..
So orbiting in an anticlockwise direction (The Earth moves clock wide – the water stays still) is super heated water, with heavy metals in: heated by the radioactive processes in the deep. Just as super heated water – if it boils, is is heated less, and condenses back to water. The heat goes into the deep seas or Earth.
So we use ground sonar on a farm, or land near a river. We locate a handy magma pocket 10 – 34 meters down. I am told 34 meters to et at the metals.
We drill down and get at the super heated water. We give it a slight vent – and it boils into dirty steam. We pass it through a aggrandized Dyson dry cleaner, and get at the metals – plus salts occasionally.
We pass this steam through a turbine, and get at 400kW of carbon 0, non polluting electricity. All over the world – within ½km of where you are sat.
And we get at 5 tonnes of gold a year.
Annually. 400KW only gives us 12 million UK pounds.

Plus we save life on Earth – though Climate Change was nuclear fiction for people with untreated mental health problems to believe: every politician on Earth.

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