Sunday, 18 December 2016

The Death of cancer

2002 American medics used High Intensity UltraSound to clear cancer at 1 appointment – then did not use the technology. I had suggested High Power Ultrasound in 2001 – but then went off singing.
In 2010, I read about this work – which by now would have saved 1/3rd of a billion people on Earth. The biggest deliberate homicide – by our health givers.
Who are all pledged to use only the best medicine – defective medicine is criminal. And since 2022 biochemical treatments, radio and chemo therapy and surgery have al been defective medicine.
So any prescribing GP instantly dismiss themselves from the medical register. The void their pension, and invalidate their health insurance. So are barred from ever working in medicine ever again.
But a 8W 1MHz ultrasonic massage device is a medically licensed device – that can be used at home safely, and totally clear all cancers.
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For soft-body cancers and all viruses and bacterial infections, apply to the lungs – plus any infected organ. The body them makes and actions the specific human antibody, to clear the cancer etc.. No more research needed – or ethical.
So all cancers cleared – 80% of health centre income gone: no company in corporate history has serviced losing 80% of its income.
Dr.s are personally responsible for 1/3rd of a billion avoidable deaths: that is 30 trillion paid to the families.
So as of 14 years ago, no Dr could ethically prescribe biochemical treatments for cancer – all medical fees must be returned to the families of the deceased.

And obviously, all biochemical prescriptions today are criminal: and no medic can use criminal medicine -ever. No uninsured medic can ever be allowed to practise medicine ever again.

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