Thursday, 15 December 2016

The Bunnies are dancing

In fields Bunnies are dancing
Everything is new and fresh
Now look all life is prancing
Nature become one big creche

Out with the old an in with the new
And so our new year has begun
Let's all get down and be a party
All is refreshed by heat of the sun
Sing the songs of new life so harty
Sunshicne for all – not just the few

2017 the year it all begin to change
Life gets down and shakes it all
Let us add to the new revolution
Now the Trafford is a shopping mall
Wash the air of the city pollution
New is good and weird just strange

let us give crecit to the community
Giving life that extra new age zing
Get it on down and let it all out
Making our life revolve with swing
Sing, hollah and have a great shout

Giving local art the opportunity

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