Thursday, 29 December 2016

Space travel is death

The Internet is full of articles saying high frequency radiation is not deflected by magnetic fields. But we have other articles about the magnetosphere – like's_magnetic_field
Saying multicelled life on Earth is protected by the weal magnetic field. Both can't be right. Magnetic fields do deflect X-rays – over huge distances.

ionosphere and magnetosphere - Magnetosphere | atmospheric ...
8 Aug 2012 - This equilibrium region, with a characteristic thickness of 100 km (60 ... The magnetotailcan extend to such great distances because on the …
So we are talking about deflecting the X-rays, over 100 km! Still some X-rays do hit the Earth. But life has evolved with DNA repair mechanisms to cope.
To go into space, we need a similar magnetic shield. 50S science fiction was full or ring space stations. In the center, held 10km away from the craft, is a super conducting magnetic field.
The cold of space keeps the magnetic field at be heatelow 30oK. So we need serious shielding, to reflec solar radiation and heat. We have a serious refrigeration unit, to cool the magnetic field down, but lose the heat to the near vacuum of space. So we probably want thermally insulated infra red emitters, to dump the heat.
The Apollo craft did not have such a magnetic shield. So the survival time in outer space was 2 days. The Apollo mission were 8!
So by the time the craft neared the Moon, the astronaughts should have been in late stage radiation sickness – so incapable of landing the craft.
If they did land on the Moon, it would have been to die. No etra vehicular activity. Death was the only possibility.
Amazingly enough, the astronau7ghts showed no sign of radiation sickness, but had to have extensive drug rehilitation – like their antiradition pills were just psychotic pills – to pgive you a feeling of weghtlessness.
If you speed up the Apollo footage, the people are walknig around a film set in area 51. The only proof they went to the Moon, are the solar reflector – that could have been sighted by a robot ship.
Hubble could photograph the Apollo sites, and show the footprints. It never has. Demostrable proof man landed on the Moon, never done.
Then in 1974, Apollo 14 flew through the worst doalr storm of the 20th century, and the astronaughts were not affected – and the Apollo program was ended: as it was not technically impossible – and had been since Apollo 11.
I grew up with it painted on my bedroom wall, My mother was a great artist. James Bon 'Moon Racker' did a far better job of mocking up a space program in the studio: which was where the Apollo missions were shot.
And the American public paid for it. At chernobyl the Russians waited for the antiradiation pills from the US – they got activated carbon. At Fukishima, the Japanese didn't even bother asking.
At 2010 all rational scientists knew the Apollo mission were a fake.
So now man messes around within the Van Allen belts – the magnetic field which protects the Earth and low space orbit from solar radiation.
Yuo want t ofly a jet into orbit? Use the jet exhaust to boil off water, and use the steam in place of burn Fossil Fuels and oxygen. And buzz around treh planet at Mach 20.
At night we can fly out and meat the Moon, landing on the dark side, and going down to deep tunnels before the sun comes up.
Robots build the under lunar station, so nobody has to die. This is a nice project for Virgin and Sir Richard Branson's daughter. Station 1, for Virgin Galactic.

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